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Her Beloved Husband Died SUDDENLY, And Her World Was Dark – Then She Heard His Voice!


We love our cell phones, they are like a life line and we rarely go anywhere without them. With the invention of the Smartphone, we now store some of our most precious memories on them. We take pictures, videos and save the occasional special voicemail, but sometimes technology can turn on us and we can lose what we hold most dear. That happened to Debora Taylor, a faithful customer of AT&Ts’. When Debora lost the last connection she had with her husband, AT&T stepped in and retrieved her special voicemail.

2017-03-14 12_19_11-(36) Debora Hartsfield Taylor added a new photo. - Debora Hartsfield Taylor

Debora Taylor is a resident of Houston, Texas, and has spent most of the last five years going through intense physical and emotional pain. In 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and while battling the disease that threatened her life she lost her husband in 2015. Her husband was Hank Taylor, he was diagnosed with small cell lung carcinoma and passed away only after a month of his initial diagnosis. Debora’s world was destroyed.

2017-03-14 12_20_09-When Husband Suddenly Passed Away, Her World Was Destroyed. But Then, She Heard

She tried hard to find ways to deal with the emotional pain. The one thing that gave her the most peace was a short voicemail Hank left her shortly before he passed. She told the Today Show what the voicemail said,

“He was annoyed because he was on his way home … and had to turn around and go back to ambulance duty …” Hank told his wife he wasn’t sure when he would return home, but, “I love you, talk to you later.” “And then he couldn’t get the phone to turn off,” she told the Today Show, “because he was on Bluetooth.

So you hear him say, ‘If I could get off the d— phone!’” The simple voicemail meant so much to Debora. It was a lovely husband “checking in” on his wife. She would return time and time again to hear the message.

2017-03-14 12_21_29-When Husband Suddenly Passed Away, Her World Was Destroyed. But Then, She Heard

Recently Debora decided to upgrade her phone, so she went to her local AT&T to get set up. The AT&T representative told her that all her old stored information on the phone, including voicemails, would be lost with the new phone, but that she had a few hours before the old info would be cleared. She had planned to go straight home after leaving the store and record her treasured voicemail onto her iPad.

On her way home, she decided to get something to eat. This proved to be a bad decision. Once she finished eating and got home to preserve the voicemail, it was gone. For Debora, it was like losing her husband all over again. She didn’t know what to do, so she turned to Facebook. She opened up and shared her story with the world. Friends on Facebook urged Debora to call AT&T and ask for help, but she was certain it was gone forever. Her friends stepped in to help and one of them contacted the local NBC station.

2017-03-14 12_22_24-When Husband Suddenly Passed Away, Her World Was Destroyed. But Then, She Heard

By a lucky chance, the person the friend contacted knew someone at AT&T.  AT&T reached out to Debora and helped her get back her lost voicemail. AT&T was more than happy to help, the company told MSN, “We know Debora’s voicemail from her husband was a treasured memory and we’re happy she has it back.”

A small part of Debora’s husband has been restored to her through the voicemail. She now encourages people to not give up hope. She shared on her Facebook,

“I’ve been blessed. I’ve always said God gives you a window for everything, so when you see that, you take it.”


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