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Barron Trump Just Made First Family HISTORY


The Trump family just made a major announcement. The mainstream liberal media is known for making federal cases out of small things. Melania Trump and Barron Trump living in New York City at Trump Tower is one of those things. The different outlets have castigated the family for remaining in their home city. However, the First Family made it clear they would remain in New York City until Barron finishes his school year.

Rumors began to circulate that the First Family was never going to move to Washington D.C. but remain in New York City for the entire duration of the Presidents four year term. But that was nothing but false rhetoric used to get people worked up. Insiders indicate the First Family will be moving into the White House permanently come June. Which is when most middle school students in the United States finish school.

Not only will they be officially moving in, but Barron Trump will be the first First Son to live in the White House in over fifty years. It seems the President’s son is making history in his own way too. The last First Son to live on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Avenue home was John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1963.

Melania Trump has reportedly already found the school she wants to send him to in the fall in Washington D.C. Any transition like this will likely be difficult for kid of his age. But if he’s anything like his family members he will do just fine.

Despite liberals saying kids are off limits they have taken every chance they can to attack Barron Trump. Rosie O’Donnell has insinuated that he has special needs. Whoopi Goldberg has referred to him as “that child.” A Saturday Night Live entertainer even called him a school shooter. Apparently kids are off limits only when it suits their narrative and needs.

Regardless, the Trump family has faced this criticism with class and integrity and not responded to such vitriolic attacks. Which is exactly how they should handle it. Refusing to even dignify such vulgarities with a response. Good for them.


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