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Baby Found In Trash After Animal Eats Her Nose, Then A Surgeon Gives Her FREE Transformation!


Adoption is a beauty chance for children to get the love and care that they didn’t receive from their birth parents. For Kristin Williams, a teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio her heart went out to two little girls who needed to be adopted from India. “I believe that love matters most so I try to spread more love,” Kristina says about adoption. The little girls Williams adopted from India have endured trauma that no child should have to face.

But despite the past pain, the girls are healing under their mother’s loving, faithful care.

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Williams’ heart was broken as she scrolled down through photos of children in India who needed a loving home. When she saw the picture of a particular 5-year-old girl she became fixated on her. The little girl’s name is Munni. Williams knew she had to give this child a safe and loving home. Williams has never married but refused to let that stop her from adopting. She has so much compassion and love to give. Williams did the hard work of adoption on her own, forging ahead, completing tedious amounts of paperwork, applying for grants, fundraising, and finally in 2013 William’s brought her first daughter home.

2017-03-14 13_23_37-Baby Found in Dump, after Animals Eat Her Nose. After Adoption, Surgeon Gives Fr

“I suddenly felt this pull for this little girl. Her name was Munni and she was just 5 years old at the time,” Williams said. “I don’t know what it was but we connected. I just knew she was my daughter, I felt we had to be together and I got the ball rolling.”

Later that year, Williams saw another photo of a little girl who needed her. The baby from India, that had literally been tossed in the trash. Indian police found the baby in the trash, clinging to life, her nose eaten away, by stray dogs. Nobody wanted to adopt the baby Roopa, because of the facial deformity. Williams instantly knew in her heart that this little girl was meant to be in her family, too.

2017-03-14 13_30_22-Baby Found in Dump, after Animals Eat Her Nose. After Adoption, Surgeon Gives Fr

“I knew at first sight that she was perfect for my family and decided to adopt her as my daughter,” Williams told Times Of India in an interview. “Like all children, she deserves a family she can call her own. For me, she has no deformity.”


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