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Authorities Bust Cartel’s $100 Mil Weed Farms in Texas!


In June 2016, 1,456 pounds of marijuana was found after a routine patrol on FM 649 in Webb County, Texas. In March of 2015, a record-setting discovery was made in Webb County that totaled 2,102 pounds with an estimated street value of $1.6 million.  In 2014, nearly 5,600 pounds of marijuana was seized with a street value of $4.4 million. In 2009,  9,210 pounds of marijuana was discovered which had an estimated street value of $3.9 million.

This story could go on and on, and probably be tracked back to even the early 1940’s after the Prohibition period. In other words, the story is NOT new. This crime has been going on for several decades now, so why are Democrats’ panties in such a wad, when President Trump says it’s time to build a wall, control our borders and beef up our border patrol agents to keep illegals and criminals like these guys out?


H/T Conservative Tribune:

Conservatives have warned that open borders would lead to drugs and other illegal activity taking place within the United States, and a recent discovery in East Texas proved that we were right.

Authorities recently located 15 marijuana plantations, including 77,000 plants, that had been established by members of the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel, according to Breitbart.

The efforts to take down the Los Zetas narcotic business began nearly two years ago under Operation Joint Venture — a collaboration between the Smith County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

The 15 marijuana cultivation sites spanned at least nine counties in the eastern region of the state, including Smith, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

During the investigation, authorities identified Eduardo Ramirez Pineda as the leader of the Los Zetas marijuana business, and Benito Ramirez as the leader’s right hand man.

An arrest warrant was issued for Pineda, Ramirez and 11 other members of the drug cartel for their suspected role in the narcotic operation in Texas. Most of those allegedly involved were identified as Mexican nationals.


Three of the suspects were arrested this week, which also led to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detaining several other individuals for violating immigration laws.

The DEA’s formula for estimating the amount of marijuana seized showed that the Los Zetas plants would have produced about 169,400 pounds of marijuana, which would be worth about $600 per pound, according to the San Antonio Express-News. That would make the haul worth more than $101.6 million.

Democrats would prefer to allow these nutjobs and criminals into our country. It means more votes for them. These same liberal progressives also oppose anything that will end funding to “sanctuary cities” as well.

The real problem is these same whiny, liberal Democrats won’t tell you that the same policies they defend, are protecting tens of thousands of scumbags like these drug criminals. Democrats would rather see these criminals let loose in America, rather than deported by federal law back to where they came from. When Democrats defend “sanctuary cities” they are putting illegal immigrants FIRST.

But…there’s a new sheriff in town.  President Trump is about putting Americans’ safety and America FIRST.


H/T Breitbart

When it comes to protecting our borders and supporting our Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, President Trump is breathing fresh new air into enforcing the laws on immigration.

One new directive, directs the agency to collect and publish on a weekly basis data from “all state and local jurisdictions” on criminal alien arrests, convictions, releases, as well as rejections of ICE detainer requests by local authorities.

In other words, Americans should be seeing a lot more transparency when it comes to the REAL numbers and crimes of illegal immigrants. We are going to see EXACTLY how many of these criminals are being released back into our communities instead of being deported.

Under Obama’s lax policies it was a far different story.  Thousands of criminals were released from LOCAL jails in dozens of sanctuary cities, where federal ICE detainers were not being honored and many of these same violent criminals routinely committed other crimes.

Are Democrats really going to keep defending these scumbags? Are Democrats going to keep protecting illegal immigrants and many criminals over the safety of Americans? Are Democrats going to continue to be THAT stupid?

Well, it’s no wonder then, why so many Democrats crossed over to vote Republican for Trump for President, then. The Democrat Party should be called the “I’m Too Stupid To Understand Anything Else Party,” because one thing’s for sure…if they continue to protect the STUPID criminals, then that’s what they will continue to become…”The All Stupid Criminals’ Party”. One might say, Democrats have become nothing more than a bunch of potheads, but what did you expect after Obama?





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