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The Austrian Government Is Cracking Down On Radical Islam With THIS New Integration Legislation


The United States is not the only country who takes issue with the large increase in foreign refugees. Despite what the mainstream liberal media would have people believe. Parts of Europe are passing legislation indicating their preference for decreased immigration are just as legitimate as ours. The Austrian People’s Party, known as the OVP, and the Socialist Party, known as the SPO, have agreed to ban the burqa. This will be part of their new integration package.

The burqa covers the face and the eyes of the person who wears it. It is a requirement for women of the Muslim faith. While a niqab cover the faces and not the eyes. The ones to be banned will be those that cover the entire face.

The burqa ban was proposed on Tuesday and it was included in an integration package that is looking to combat asylum seekers and radical Islamic fundamentalists. This piece of legislation had already been introduced by Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz of the OVP but failed to previously pass.

Included in the package will be the following,

  1. The banning of Quran distribution in public places. A former Islamist Salafist organization admitted during a German raid they use Quran distribution to try and recruit Muslim extremists for the Islamic State.
  2. Another provision to the package is the creation of a special German language course and western values course for those with asylum status.
  3. Asylum seekers will be forced into mandatory charity work. If they refuse to participate they will have their welfare payments cut from the federal government.

Kurz said the following about the package,

“This is the only way for people to work towards the respect of the majority of society.”

France, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands have all banned the burqa in one fashion or another. This new legislation package cracking down on burqa use is nothing new. Even the German Chancellor and Interior Minister have called for a partial ban. Germany is known for their very progressive leader.

The threat of radical Islamic terrorism is real and in small ways like this it can be combatted. If an individual wants to come to our country it is only fair they give back to that country through community service and work. When you travel to another country you adopt that country’s norms and customs. Europe and the United States are no different. Why should anyone else be given an exception?

Austria is on point with this integration package.


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