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Alabama’s Own BOSS HOGG Tells Sheriff to SHUT UP about his 2nd Amendment Views!


Alabama Sheriffs Ass. Executive Director Bobby ‘ Boss Hogg ‘ Timmons (Who has never been in law enforcement BTW) has told Sheriff Mike Hale that he has no business sharing his 2nd Amendment views.

Seems the old koot did not like the sheriff speaking in front of the Alabama legislature concerning a bill that would remove the requirement for a special permit to carry a weapon in the car. The Alabama Sheriff’s Association has long been a thorn in the side for Second Amendment supporters.

“The Alabama Sheriffs Association voted openly to be against SB24 and the majority in attendance won,” wrote Timmons. “Together, whichever way you voted, should have bonded. What happened?” The clear message from Timmons was that Hale should have kept his mouth shut while the association opposed the bill.

Boss Hogg The Executive Director of the Alabama Sheriffs' Association, Bobby Timmons does not believe your car is your private property and he is not alone!

‘Boss Hogg’ Timmons has also attacked the NRA, saying that they need to mind their own business.

“SB24 is not a 2nd Amendment bill and NRA should have kept their nose out of it,” wrote Alabama Sheriffs Association Executive Director, Bobby Timmons, in an email to members in March. “I am a lifetime Golden Eagle NRA Member and I resent the past President’s involvement in legislation that is none of their business.”

‘Boss Hogg’ Timmons recently made national waves when he told Alabamans that their own car was not their personal property.

“I don’t think this has anything to do with the Second Amendment rights when you have the right to carry a weapon off your property,” said Timmons. “An automobile is not a part of your home. It’s a part of the public property.”

This is not the first time that Timmons has fought against the Constitutional right to bear arms. In 2013, ‘Boss Hogg’ sent a letter signed by all 67 Alabama sheriffs to state senators urging them to say no to similar proposed gun legislation.

It is not Bobby ‘Boss Hogg’ Timmons’ first foray into the world of odd thinking.

When Alabama Sheriff Greg Bartlett went to jail for pilfering $212,000 from the inmate meal fund, literally starving them, Simmons defended the Sheriff.

“You are never going to satisfy an incarcerated individual.” Timmons was quoted as saying in the NYT.

Yes, it made national news. U.S. District Judge U.W. Clemon had held Bartlett, who said he made the $212,000 over three years, in contempt for violating an earlier consent decree on inmates’ food.

After the ruling, other sheriffs were asked for documents that would show how much they have made. An archaic Alabama state law actually allowed Sheriffs to keep monies left over after feeding the prisoners.

Bobby Timmons encouraged a giant cover-up.

“My recommendation to you is not to answer the letter or to receive their phone call,” Timmons wrote. Alabama’s public records statute “does not cover the . . . request,” he wrote.

Timmons added “Remember, you are the sheriff — you have not violated any law. . . . Do not let the tail wag the dog.”

In the first place, ‘Boss Hogg’ Timmons, having NEVER stepped into the brave shoes of any kind of law enforcement, should not have ANYTHING to do with the Alabama Sheriff’s Ass. 2nd of all, as every sheriff is sworn to uphold the Constitution, ‘Boss Hogg’ Timmons needs to keep his nose out of the sheriffs in Alabama’s business when it comes to doing so.

Anti 2nd Amendment Director of Alabama Sheriffs Ass. Declares: Your Car Is Public Property! Boss Hogg

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