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AG Jeff Sessions Makes First Move on Voter ID Law!


How exciting is THIS? The Trump administration and Attorney General Sessions just made a significant announcement on voter ID laws this past Monday. AG Sessions announced that the federal government will no longer be part of a long running court case in opposition to a Texas Voter ID law.

Conservatives are thrilled! This news is going to send ripples across America. Talk about BIG in Texas!


H/T The Gateway Pundit:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will reportedly drop government opposition to the Texas state ID law.

The adults are in charge now, kids.

NPR reported:

The Department of Justice is reversing the federal government’s position in an important voting rights case, involving a Texas voter ID law. The switch was not unexpected following the election of Donald Trump and confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Both Trump and Sessions claim voter fraud is a major problem and have backed voter ID laws.

In a motion filed Monday, DOJ asked a federal court to dismiss the department’s earlier claim that the ID law was enacted with the intention of discriminating against minority voters. That claim was made by the Obama administration as part of a broader legal challenge to the law, which is among the strictest in the nation.

But the Trump administration notes that the Texas legislature is now considering changing the law to address concerns that it hurts minorities. DOJ says those efforts should be allowed to proceed.

You can bet the loud mouthed liberals will be out in full force protesting this one! In fact I wouldn’t be shocked to see the ACLU, or Obama’s Organizing For Action, or the group called Indivisible, getting louder about this decision at more town halls. Afterall, why shouldn’t Democrats be upset about anything requiring an ID to vote? How dare we pull the plug on their voter fraud, especially after they just brought in all millions of illegals to help them get elected.

Looks like 2018 is looking better every day!  How refreshing isn’t it, to see government getting out of the way of ‘We The People’?



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