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61 Illegals Arrested In An ICE Raid! Read More!


President Trump’s primary policy during his initial months of his administration has been cracking down on illegal immigration. Initial reports also indicate that border crossings have significantly decreased. While liberal snowflakes have been crying about broken families the proof is in the pudding. More illegal criminals have been arrested than ever now that President Obama’s catch and release policy is over.

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden says that the biggest take from the CIA leaks is that the Obama government was actually paying to keep software vulnerable so that they can hack into your devices and spy on you!

Reno Gazette-Journal has provided a preliminary report showing that sixty-one illegal aliens were arrested by law enforcement officials in Nevada this past week. All were taken into custody during raids conducted by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. Twenty-five of those same illegal aliens came from Reno, Nevada. Fifty-five of them had aggregious criminal histories. Here are some of their crimes,

DUI: 18
Drug offenses: 8
Fraud/identity theft: 7
Domestic violence: 3
Sex crimes: 3
Larceny/theft: 3
Cruelty or neglect of a child: 3
Assault/battery: 2
Vehicle theft: 1
False imprisonment: 1
Robbery: 1
Property damage: 1
Arson: 1
Burglary: 1
Contempt of court: 1
Traffic offense/other: 1

In response to backlash Nikita Curry, the Assistant Field Office Director of ICE in Nevada, stated the following during a press conference,

ERO (ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations) officers here in Nevada and around the country are focused first and foremost on using this agency’s unique tools and authorities to help keep our communities safe. Our enforcement efforts last week are representative of the work we’ve been doing and will continue to do. Those persons will be evaluated on a case by case basis and, when appropriate, arrested by ICE.”

This evidence proves that the narrative of families being ripped apart that Democrats are pushing is highly inaccurate. The President is keeping true to his promise of keeping America safe. This is one step in the right direction towards doing just that. There will be no going back by the time the President is done revamping the broken immigration system.

As he has said in the past, citizenship to the United States is a privilege and not a right for those who were not born here. People would do well to remember that.


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