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18-Yr-Old Dog Ends Up in Shelter, Then A Miracle Rolls up on Motorcycle…


If you’ve ever been a dog owner you know having a dog as a pet can be very rewarding. Dogs are some of the most loveable pets to own. They also provide not only companionship, but just an unlimited amount of unconditional love for the owners.  The problem is owners usually out live the life expectancy of dogs, but here’s an exception.

Julep outlived her owner. Julep was an 18-year-old dog, who found herself at the Human Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC.  Can you image having an 18-year-old dog? That’s almost unheard of. I mean small dogs tend to have a life expectancy of 15-16 years, medium size about 10-13 years, and large dogs closer to 7-8 years. To live to 18 years, that says alot about her previous owner.

Julep was probably the oldest to ever be at this animal shelter. I’m sure she was heartbroken, because not only did she lose her companion, she also lost her home. Fortunately for Julep, help was on the way.

H/T Liftable:

Julep was left confused when she was sent to a shelter recently. It was a very unexpected twist, as she had lived most of her life with the same owner.

The reason she was uprooted from her home was because her beloved owner had just passed away. The rest of the family was left heartbroken and unable to take care of the pup.

Julep was sent to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. She is one of the oldest animals to ever come through the doors of the rescue.

A spokesperson of the rescue said that Julep has “lived a long and happy life.” They hoped that she could continue to live the rest of her happy life with a new family.

The humane group posted an advertisement on Facebook about adopting Julep. The post read that she “doesn’t need much, just a couch to sleep on and a human to love.”

Senior dogs are difficult dogs to adopt out. Families looking for a dog to grow up with their kids don’t want a canine in its twilight years: older dogs are passed up all the time for cuter, younger pups. But they have just as much love to give, have figured out life and themselves, and make excellent pets for people who take a moment to get to know them.

One man, Wayne Lerch, was instantly interested when he saw the post about Julep. After having recently lost his 11-year-old pit bull named Jasmine, Lerch was excited about the opportunity to have another furry friend in his life.

But Lerch was smart. He knew the draw of visiting the shelter — who hasn’t been tempted to adopt all the dogs when they visit a shelter? — and so to avoid an impulse adoption, he rode his motorcycle to meet her.

But, as these things often do, meeting her changed everything. He promptly filled out the paperwork and rushed to get his car, eager to start their time together and give the elderly hound mix a loving, quality life.

Lerch and Julep went home together, about a month after Julep first arrived at the rescue. They left some of the shelter workers in tears, but they were happy tears. Lerch says that they’ve both been having a great time together.

“She is, I think, happy as a pig in slop,” said Lerch about Julep. The pup is also helping Lerch to get over Jasmine’s passing. “She’s saving me as much as I’m helping her,” said Lerch.

Now that’s a story that warms your heart, doesn’t it? Lerch renamed Julep, “Tootie” after his grandma who loved treats. It looks like a happy ending. Lerch and Julep both get a little companionionship and provide each other unconditional love. Now, that’s something, Julep, may have not had the opportunity for, had Lerch not adopted her.

To all dog owners, Happy belated #NationalPuppyDay





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