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Woman in Back of Cab Wakes Up To Terrifying Situation and Then Becomes Hero!


If you’ve ever taken a late flight home after being on a business trip, sometimes the last thing you want to do, is wait for a train. In fact, in most cases after a flight, you are so worn out and tired, you just want to get home, regardless of the method of transportation. Sometimes the most convenient way of getting home quickly is calling a cab, or using the Uber or Lyft app on your phone.

This young lady had just arrived late at night in San Francisco, but it was too lake to take the train back home. Instead she decided to use Lyft for a ride home and catch some sleep on the way. But then she woke up suddenly to realize she was in an emergency situation and needed to think fast. It’s a good thing she did. She probably saved her driver’s life.

Emergency personnel help Lyft driver Mir Peerada in Pinole early Wednesday morning, thanks to his passenger, Dr. J. Nwando Olayiwola.

H/T Liftable:

Having landed in San Francisco at 11 p.m., it was too late to take the train back to her house in Hercules. Dr. Nwando Olayiwola was just trying to catch some sleep while on her Lyft ride on the way home after an uncomfortable cross-country trip, when she needed to jump into action.

Asleep in the backseat, she woke up cold. Her driver, Mir Peerzada, had the window open.

“I was like, ‘What are you doing? It’s cold,’” Olayiwola recalled. “Then, he asked if I knew of any nearby hospitals. As a doctor, that got my antennae up.”

Speeding along the four-lane highway, she asked him to pull over. Wanting to ensure his client made it home, he said he could keep going.

But as he visibly became more uncomfortable, she demanded he stop the vehicle on the side of the road while she called for an ambulance. Sweaty and clutching his chest in pain, Olayiwola recognized right away he was suffering from a heart attack.

As Peerzada’s anxiety began to climb while they were waiting, she knew he needed to calm down. Reassuring him EMS would be there in a few minutes she told him, “They will be here soon. Calm down. Sit back. Don’t think about it. Try not to talk.”

After speaking with the dispatcher, she called his wife to explain the situation and to inform her of the hospital they would be taking her husband. Then she began taking a short medical history — only to find out he had been experiencing similar symptoms before.

They rushed Peerzada to the hospital where he was tended to and is now currently recovering at home with his wife and three children. In the days after these events, Olayiwola, who is a general practitioner at San Francisco General Hospital, followed up with him and is helping him to find a permanent doctor to monitor his health more closely.

WOW! Talk about a scenario that could have played out so differently if Peerzada’s ride that late night had NOT been Dr. Nwando Olayiwola. Dr Olayiwola turned a terrifying situation into a life saving and heroic event.

Thankfully, this busy mother and doctor was both knowledgeable and skilled in understanding Peerzada’s symptoms. Otherwise, who knows what could have happened to her or her driver, Peerzada.

“Everything is always a crisis when you’re a parent,” Olayiwola said.

“When I told my kids what happened, they said I am a hero,” Olayiwola added. “I said I did what any good doctor should do.”

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Respectfully, Dr. Olayiwola probably doesn’t realize just how often her kids probably view her as their hero every day….as their mom.

How blessed is this man to have had a passenger like Dr. Olayiwola in the back seat of his car that late night. He will always be thankful for her saving his life. It looks like her kids aren’t the only ones calling Dr. Olayiwola a hero.




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