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While Hollywood Praised Their Own HEROISM, Trump Awarded REAL HEROES- Look What Happened Next


The First Couple Donald Trump and Melania Trump to know ones’ surprise skipped out on attending the Oscar festivities, and did so that they could honor our nation’s governors, and even more importantly, our nation’s men and women in uniform- our heroes.

It was a ball for royalty, and just what was deserving for those that serve our country at their risk of sacrificing their own lives.

While all this was going on, over at the Oscars there was more talk about heroes…but not the kind you might expect.

Oscar winner, Viola Davis put on a passionate speech where she had the audacity to boast that actors…

“are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”

Is she crazy? Mental? On drugs?

I don’t know…but the woman has certainly lost her mind. I am truly embarrassed for her.

But it is America’s men and women in uniform who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice: By being willing to die for this country, they are protecting the lives of millions of people who would otherwise be subject to grave danger. Military service is the ultimate way to “celebrate what it means to live a life.”

At the Governor’s Ball, the president posed with this photo of the Army Chorus in a chamber of the White House.

That is right. On the same night when liberals across America were honoring their favorite celebrities who like to act like fake heroes in films, it was President Trump who chose to have the company of those who are ACTUAL heroes to honor them for their service to our nation.

Hollywood got Trumped.


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