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What If: First Thirty Days of President Hillary Clinton


What if the unthinkable had happened? Where would America be today, February 22, 2017, had Hillary squeaked out a victory against Donald Trump? Let’s play the what-if game. Let’s stipulate that all other downballot results were the same (Senate 52-48 and House 241-194 advantages for Republicans), but that Hillary managed Rust-Belt wins in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, thereby securing 286 electoral votes and the presidency.

So, the #NeverTrumpers got their wish, and we got President Adolph Nurse Ratched Rodham Hitler. Now what? Where would we be now? The contrast between a Hillary Era and a Trump Era, I dare say, would be night and day. Respectively.



The collective media bubbly giggles in ushering in the era of The Queen would be gag-worthy. Trump would be laughed out of town, and all powerful Republicans who actively supported him (Senator Sessions, for example) would be politically damaged or ruined, in a cross-fire between Democrats, media, and Establishment Republicans. Republicans in general on Capitol Hill would be laying low and commenting rather little on anything in general, and on the incoming President in particular.

Hillary would make few public appearances. Her own primary White House staff would form up within days. Certain people — no doubt Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Jake Sullivan, Neera Tanden, Sidney Blumenthal, and others would play important roles – some prominent, some shadowy and undefined. Huma Abedin would have some official but not top-shelf title, that would leave her free to operate in her true role – Hillary’s closest and only advisor.

Cabinet nominees would be announced in press releases, accompanied by the expected adoring media oooo’s and ahhh’s. Hillary would be making most of the decisions, but (in stark contrast to Trump) would shrink from media exposure – not to mention that in her current health, which will not get better, getting geared up for a media appearance would be a significant burden.

Her nominees – there might be some holdovers from Obama, but she would replace most of them with her loyalists. You could expect hard-core leftists, dedicated big-government, big-bureaucracy socialists. In other words, just like the Obama regime. Except more.

Before inauguration, she would make her Supreme Court nomination. In their more crazy fantasies, Democrats consider Merrick Garland (Obama’s failed nominee) some kind of moderate. Hillary would not waste time wooing Republicans and would nominate a radical no better than Elena Kagan. Again to endless media delight.

First Thirty Days

The transition would be virtually seamless, as it tends to be with a same-party turnover. As is the Republican way, most or all cabinet nominees would be confirmed by January 20, with 90-plus votes for each. Congressional investigations of Hillary’s email server, Hillary and Benghazi, and for that matter sundry investigations of the VA, IRS, EPA, FDA, FCC, as well as Obama and numerous Obamanistas would either quietly die or continue but with no media oxygen.

Meanwhile, Hillary (or, “The White House”) would begin issuing edicts – some by executive order, others just by declaring such-and-such policy to be so (Obama did this quite a bit) that would even further existing radical policies toward open borders, so-called refugees, regulation of energy industries, and the social agenda marginalizing and for all intents criminalizing traditional American values. Further gutting of the military and the VA would begin immediately.

While the media would downplay any economic issues, the Hillary administration would immediately begin promising and working on some kind of “economic plan”. It would involve higher taxes, higher business taxes, union-friendly policies, subsidies for “green” industries, restrictions on banks, Wall Street, and anybody who might otherwise provide jobs.

Meanwhile, Away from Washington…..

Remember how the stock market and other economic indicators made tremendous optimistic leaps in anticipation of a Trump presidency that promised business-friendly policies? Even in spite of the national press cacophony proclaiming what a disaster was coming. So, if Hillary were to win? The very opposite. Industry and finance leaders might sing the praises of the Queen, but the Market does not lie for very long. The stock market would take at least a short dive and stay flat beginning November 9th. It’s hard to say what would happen forever, but there would be nothing positive or optimistic on which to hang future hopes.

The half of the country that feared a Hillary presidency would be in one dark mood. If we thought Republicans in Washington already did not listen to us, after a Hillary win, they would be completely unresponsive. Thus, the rebellious mood that has been simmering for 8 years would have no choice but to begin heating up.

Past 30 Days: No Return

The #NeverHillary crowd lived and lives under a mortal fear: that the ongoing trampling of freedoms, traditional values being sued and harried out of existence, and both the inability and unwillingness of the elected state to exert any control over the runaway bureaucratic state would become permanently fortified. The end result would be the end of the Republic in any meaningful way: just an autocracy, run by the powerful, privileged, and well-positioned.

This would have happen, had Trump lost. That’s not even debatable.

The right-side media was, previous to the election, about half #NeverTrump and half #NeverHillary. After this election, the Republican Party and the right-side media-blog world would erupt in an internecine war to end all wars. Democrats are cheaters and instinctively nasty. Conservatives and Republicans are all that, but smart as well. It would be bloody and drawn out for a couple of years. I don’t think there would be winners. They would not reconcile. One side would become the Vichy Republicans and enjoy a certain status as the lovable token opposition.

The other side would become the Resistance. I’ll leave it at that.


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The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.

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