Welfare Users Livid After Trump Just Killed Another FREEBIE!

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After 8 years of Obama and his “The Food Stamp” Presidency, many American taxpayers have said ENOUGH already. During Obama’s presidency, 16 million MORE Americans were put on food stamps. It’s time to stop the welfare gravy train. As Ronald Reagan used to say, “…the best social program is a J-O-B!”

Unlike Obama, President Trump is working hard to support businesses to create more jobs and get more Americans back to work and OFF of welfare. After Obama’s “Food Stamp” presidency and America’s $19 Trillion debt, it’s time to stop the insanity.


H/T Freedom Daily:

 While still mourning the loss of their prized “Obamaphones,” the crackdown on welfare continued today with President Trump issuing a big blow that thousands of freeloaders are furious about. In a single swipe of his pen, our leader killed a massive freebie that these leeches are certainly not ready to let go of just yet.

The new executive order comes on the coattails of the immigration orders for good reason as it pertains most specifically to the illegals who cross our borders and suck off of the system for life. After a copy of the draft order first leaked this month by the Washington Post, liberals began to panic and now their nightmare just became a reality — much to the approval of hardworking Americans.

According to Conservative Tribune, immigrants trying to enter the U.S. will be vetted ahead of time for their potential use and intentions with government aid, without necessarily realizing it. The order explains that all will be screened to determine their “need for certain types of public aid” and the same practice will be applied to those already here who Barack Obama so freely let in. If they are found to be using the system in any inappropriate way, they will be deported. This decision was made based on a sneaky thing illegals have been doing that President Trump uncovered and wasn’t too happy about it.

Many immigrants come into the United States to meet up and live with them on the promise that the family would financially support them once they get here. That’s all said to get them through the process, then once they are here, they simply apply for government assistance and all the programs the can and get them. Since many cohabitate together, the pool of welfare funds in one small house can be extensive. Trump’s order would hold these families accountable who promised to help them financially but benefitted instead.

Although a specific savings to come from this plan is hard to determine, it’s estimated to be about “$100 billion.” Considering how many immigrants have been let into this country under Obama, that’s probably a conservative number even with as alarming as the figure is.

The welfare was never meant to be more than a TEMPORARY solution to provide financial aid to needy Americans, but it has become for many a lifelong scheme that actually ENCOURAGES unemployment and dependency.


President Trump wants to reform immigration and put America First! He’s trying to prioritize those immigrants that will actually help our country rather than add more burden to the financial drain on American taxpayers.

Our welfare system has become more of a way of life for far too many people, many of whom aren’t even citizens. In addition, many of those same people won’t even bother to search for a job nor do they care to have a job. Why should they? Many of them get more benefits and financial support than others WITH jobs. They get free money, free food and free medical. They used to get free Obamaphones, but Trump is already cutting the waste in that program.

Our welfare system was not suppose to be equated with “lifestyles of the rich and famous”.

Welfare reform is long overdue. President Trump is going to continue to work hard to ‘Make America Great Again.’  Trump and his administration are going to continue to cut the abuse and fraud in the welfare system and help those who really need it.

It used to be immigrants came to this country for economic opportunities, jobs, prosperity and to fulfill their dreams. In 2012, 51% of the households headed by an immigrant reported they used at least one welfare program, compared to 30% of native households. Today that figure is closer to 62%.

Today, immigrants come to America because it’s NOT about jobs. It’s about how to beat the welfare system and defraud millions of taxypaying Americans of their hard earned dollars just for the sake of their own conveniences.

So instead of showing immigrants all the benefits of the welfare system, we should be showing them the classifieds.

It’s time to ‘Make America Great Again’!




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