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Watch How Silly this Nancy Pelosi Clip Looks Now!


Nancy Pelosi had basically decided before the election that Trump was going to be slaughtered, could not win and was absolutely cocky about it!

She sure looks silly now doesn’t she?

I, like many others, did not give him much chance either for a long time, but even I saw a win becoming possible in the last few weeks of the election.

According to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, she could “guarantee” that Donald Trump would not defeat Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States.

You will not want to miss this:

Pelosi was not the only one.

Rachel Maddow had ALSO decided just a few days before the election that Trump was going to be slaughtered and was absolutely cocky about it!

She sure looks silly now doesn’t she?

Maddow is always so cocky. This takes the cake though. There is a huge chasm between confidence and arrogance. Maddow is arrogant. To her, a conservative is a peasant and is well beneath her elite position of brilliance.

But when it comes down to it, Pelosi and Maddow, both hold many of the positions they do because of severe ignorance of human nature.

They lack the common sense understanding that when people don’t work and take care of themselves, they don’t feel good about themselves. Yet their ideology says let government take care of everyone they can.

They think that taking guns will solve murder, yet fail to see that California and Chicago tried that and gun crimes went up.

Pelosi and Maddow constantly pursue government removing life’s hurdles, yet fail to see that it only creates a weak society that can’t stand up on it’s own.

They continue to demonize those who call out radical Islam, yet fail to see… that as a lesbian woman, under their culture Maddow would be abused, imprisoned or even killed.

They assume that because Obama became president that most of America agrees with their viewpoint. Had Obama been as honest as Bernie Sanders in 2008, and told the American people what he really wanted to do, he would have never won.

Most of America still stands on the principles that made this nation great. THAT was her miscalculation. You can see that miscalculation in her eyes. Sorry Maddow, you were very wrong!


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