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VOTD: This Salsa dancing Golden Retriever will definitely make your Day!


This Golden Retriever is doing better salsa than I do! He’s Got the Moves!

…AND that moment when you can’t find a human girl to dance with so you create your own partner!

Look at that smile! Simply Beautiful! I believe the Golden Retrievers are reminders for us all to love, be happy, and to celebrate life. I am for one who will have never had enough of their smiles and their wonderfully loving and friendly disposition, and their so-lovable goofy character too. Golden retrievers are loyal fun dogs they will do anything to please you and it pleases them to do so . Not to mention most that I see are dancing and jumping like this without being dressed up and music playing it’s their personality and the like to play and entertain you doing whatever that may be! One of the MANY reasons dogs rule – they actually LOVE to please their master/mistress.

This is absolutely lovely and it would be stupid to say this dog is abused, I would say the owner clearly loves the dog or he wouldn’t have taken all that time to train him to do that and the dog looks like he’s absolutely enjoying himself. It is clear that this Golden Retriever is well loved and is having a blast with her owner! Sure beats all those “suburban” dogs who just sit at home with nothing to do all day, waiting for their owner to come home. In my opinion, that is what should be called animal abuse! Instead of people  thinking negatively about this dog, stop and think about all the animals that are abused and neglected! Then come back, you decide and tell me whether or not this is animal abuse because in no way, shape or form is this animal abuse!

This Golden Retriever needs to be on Dancing with the Stars!!!



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