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VOTD: Record bass caught by hand!


That is a beautiful Large Mouth Bass and one of the biggest I’ve seen, Outstanding!!!!! 16.03!!!!!! Boom!!! That was one good looking Bass indeed! So that’s how we are gonna catch em.

Loved how the old man caught the bass by hand. You rock !!! And thanks for recording for all to see and then putting the bass back in the water.  Great catch and return it, I thought it will be dinner at the tables lol. I wonder how many months he had to hand-feed that bass to get it to come up like that.

This is an excellent fisherman.. Impressive yes…  but I have to say that is so cruel to the fish, putting a hook in its chin to weigh it, so painful, it was out of the water too long it could have suffocated, that was hard to watch, poor bass, so glad he was put back in the water. Suffocation is a horrible way to die even for a fish! Some even say luring a fish with just a minnow kinda takes the sport out of fishing because there’s really no technique to it. You just grab a bait fish, dangle it in the water, and wait. Then it’s just a matter of strength from there. Makes it a lot easier but in this case i think this old man is just doing it for the sake of fun. Maybe at some point you guys should probably try this technique out. Just for FUN it is.. but not on a  daily fishing basis!

Still I wish, I could have that FISH For A BIG DINNER… I’d never let that Delicious fish go back into the waters!! It’s better in my black iron skillets then in my mouth!! Haven’t had bass fish in many years… One delicious food!!! LOL! APPETITE WINS! Peace out!



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