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VOTD: Monopoly is still tearing families apart in 2017


Monopoly. A great game to play with family. But mostly ends with one of the players getting angry and flipping the board over the table, and the reason why monopoly only ever happened a couple of times in our house!lol

Nothing beats Monopoly and still do nothing quite like people handing money to you and seeing the frustration in their face. Gold!!

Board games like Monopoly have their use,  teaches you patience because it goes on for so long. Also teaches you what it’s like to have money and property one day, with the possibility of losing it all the next! The important thing though is to teach children acceptance, to not cheat and to not allow them to cheat. One of the best things my father did for me was to play board games with me and allow me to lose. It made me develop my game skills and accept the fact that I could not always win. People with greater skills would probably win more. If I wanted to win I had to work at it. This is a key factor in the game of life – you win some and you lose some.

I did laugh at this monopoly rage  but really if  any of my sons did that they’d be running for the hills! That’s what you get when you let the kids win all the time when they are young. Can’t handle the defeat that we all have to face sooner or later in life, teach them that they will have to work hard to win and the victory will taste sweet when it comes.

What a beautiful wondrous child. By the extra weight he carries the exercise and energy used in a tantrum will do him good, and for what its worth  at least from an early stage of life jail has a presence about it and he clearly doesn’t wanna go there.


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