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VOTD: Monkey sheet cut


This little guy is enjoying his cut! Plus he looks so cute! Why does people like you always try to ruin everything???

I just picture the monkey having a conversation with the barber like “hey joe how was work this week” “oh ya know the usual I’ve missed you John” LOL . Baby, you could say that this is “cruelty” but he’s enjoying it and we can’t deny that he’s the cutest animal ever!!  We don’t know if he’s happy or not but I can assume from the lavish lifestyle he’s living he is totally living better than me, I’m kinda jealous tho! lol .This monkey is loving life and living the life.

On the contrary tho this little monkey is probably drugged. It’s a big thing over in the east. Drugging animals like Tigers and monkeys so they can be manipulated easier. Like Tigers at a zoo were drugged so people would pay to get a picture of them sitting next to it….. but I guess u can’t say for sure, monkeys are a favorite animal for many as they are very expressive and often act just like people. It’s so cute I know this little fella is enjoying but a monkey shouldn’t be in a Barber shop or what ever should be out climbing trees with its family its not cruelty i think its dead cute but should be in its habitat it’s cute as if tho him just sitting there relaxing not hating! Monkeys are very social and they express affection and bonding through the grooming process indeed.


Monkeys are one of the funniest animals  in nature. They are full of curiosity and adventure, mischief and intelligence. A monkey would make a great science project because there are many different species that you could explore, and also, you could study how monkeys evolved into human beings.

Monkeys do not eat the skins of bananas, they peel the skin of their bananas, amazing isn’t  it?!


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