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VOTD: Monkey and Chihuahua love hate relationship!


Calm down buddy ! That poor monkey is just showing you Love on this very special LOVE MONTH!

 Scenario be like: When you do not have a decent date for Valentine’s Day and you settled to go out with Mr. Ugly man and he takes you to an expensive restaurant and  shower you with gifts so you think you can get lucky, tried to sneak a kiss and push up on you and you can’t take it no more, she is not in the mood  lol

This is hilarious!!!!!! The monkey was clearly passing a boundary trying to take the hair out of the dogs mole, if they live in the same house they’re gonna have to learn to respect each other, sometimes they have to learn the hard way. The animals communicate this way and learn what will and will not be tolerated.

That is a cute video I know that dog didn’t like him too much but he most probably warmed up to him after a while when he got to know he’s not going to hurt him. For the most part, animals do not bear grudges once it is over, but you could see when the poor dog was getting aggravated they should have separated them right away, the poor monkey is doing what they do grooming and the dog is not used to all that those people need to take classes on the pets they own for what its worth. Class like how Chihuahuas do not have a particularly good reputation among the general public. Ask a few people, “Do you think Chihuahuas are nice little dogs?” and see how many of them exclaim, “No! They’re nasty little things who bite!” I have to say that this reputation has some basis in truth… perfect example is with this poor monkey lol

Let us lighten up people, the pets will be fine.. Sure this ain’t nothing new with those two.. What they both need to do is bite their owner for dressing them up in those ugly cloths lol 


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