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VOTD: Kids using a moped to speed up a roundabout. This is why women live longer!!


The kid in blue must have thought he was on a roller-coaster the only thing he forgot to do is put his hands up !!! We have all been a kid once. Most of us would have been jumping up and down to go first. These kids will all look back at 70 years old and still laugh at what happened to the kid in blue. Glad he was not seriously hurt.

At least these kids were smart enough to pull the scooter back so he didn’t bust his head open on it. That’s good old fashion fun!

My first thought was how long did it take these kids to come up with this dumb idea, then I thought the bike wheel was going to hit the dirt and take off on its own then to my surprise the damn kid is flying in the air about to be decapitated. I am so glad they pulled the bike away as quick as they did, then they jumped into action to try and stop it. Wow…This could have been a really ugly scene! he is lucky he didn’t break his back or fall out and bust his head open. That could have killed him. Terrible accident avoided ,he could have been paralyzed or suffered severe neurological damage. It only takes one time. Great! It wasn’t this time. lol

Honestly it is  really good to see kids playing outside No phones, No gadgets, No screens. Just themselves, playing on the terrain and testing their fear. Yeah someone’s gonna break a bone from time to time. They’ll learn. They’ll experience. But on the other hand no matter how fun something is.. nothing is absolutely worth risking your life over. There are plenty safe ways of having fun that you are not risking your life over. Yes I know everything has a risk, but the secret to a long life is to try not to shorten it kids!

Oh well…those lil goobers need to fall on their head many times as kids. Its a natural part of growing up, plus boys will be boys and BOYS NEVER LISTEN! lol


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