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VOTD: Husky back Talking His Humans


Lady: go lay down
HUSKY: Fine, but cuz I want to (turns and walks off)
Lady: back talker…
HUSKY: you just couldn’t let it go, could you Linda?( So much talking back, telling mommy you are not the boss of me!! ) LOL


“you see, I WAS just outside but, I was too busy sniffing the yard and playing in the snow and forgot to take a poo. Now I didn’t realize I had to go still until I was back inside and you got comfortable. Now I HAVE to go again. Please, just open the door. I’ll come right back. Just 10 more minutes!” LOL

Too funny! This is what happens when dogs get so comfortable with their humans, they think they can actually have a debate! The husky talks back..some attitude and tantrums but you will still find it soooo adorable to just listen on how much they try to express themselves to us humans…simply FASCINATING!! Don’t we just love this husky, he obviously feels secure enough to express himself! I think that says something about how good his parents treat him. Husky dogs are amazing to own, most people do not pay enough attention for a dog to even try to communicate but this dog clearly knows she is listening. Thats really cool, i love vocal dogs! Pets are so awesome and some people treat them so bad. All they want is food water and love. God bless our wonderful loving pets!

Maybe reincarnation truly is true in this case, looks like some soul has incarnated in this husky! A bit creepy but at the same time it’s cool and interesting  how these animals are doing exactly what humans are doing.



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