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VOTD: Dad changing baby’s diaper, Fatherhood at it’s best! Simply Hilarious!


A big brave tattooed dad brought to the edge of chucking by a tiny baby! Well if you think that size matters when it comes to changing diaper, think not! it’s all about stomach and sensibility people!

And they try to convince us females that they are the stronger sex when a small helpless baby brings them undone, congrats to that dad for at least doing the job gagging and all. Wait till she rolls over while your trying to clean her bum or she reaches down and puts hands in it all just as you grabbing the wipes.  LOL

This dad is a trooper, he may have struggled but he pulled through to make sure his daughter was clean. There are plenty of parents out there who would rather leave their kids in filth then deal with a dirty diaper. Everyone is different. Everyone has that one thing that grosses them out. No one is invisible. This dad showed that even though poop made him vomit and gag his baby’s well being was more important and fought through it. It’s lovely to see this dad trying all though he is struggling! That’s a dad there, he is not weak at all for you all saying this! Everybody has a weak stomach for something! A man continuing to do something that makes him gag is not weak it’s a strength! Also putting his baby before himself!

Although I have to say why do dads end up using nearly a whole pack of wipes? I only use 2 at the most! Anyone about to be a parent? Do not worry it all comes natural to you, Just enjoy the first few months of peace, if you’re lucky!lol

Tip: when you first pull the diaper off. Hold your breath. Give it a quick look make sure it’s a normal poop. Then take a breath and fold the dirty diaper under the bum. Wipe clean. Breathe out Remove diaper add new diaper. You should be good.



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