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VOTD: Couple from Indianapolis created this adorable Valentine’s Day lip sync video, and it quickly went viral!


Obviously we still cannot get enough of Valentines Day with this couple!

Beautiful couple doing beautiful things! This is the absolutely the best entertainment I have seen on any media lately, but all  I can think of is how this couple have all these wigs and outfits? Where do you even get them? Every one of them were on point! I bet they win every year for couples costumes on Halloween!

Crazy wonderful couple! Simply awesome! We remember all those songs and they nailed each personality, I laughed so hard. It was cute and very clever and put together very well. Thanks for sharing your amazing entertaining talents ,you two are great!!!!! This  gorgeous couple should have a variety show of their own. Seems like they have the ability to make people laugh heck probably be better than some stuff on now. Love these two!!!!! Love the diversity in music and outfits!

I seriously couldn’t stop looking at her pearly white teeth. They are so white and the way her mouth is shaped around them looked so unique compared to most. LOL

This performance is truly awesome and has a great message…. when couples get mad at each other they should step back, chill, think, and put a little fun in their lives. How could you stay mad at each other after all that…lol. Can you imagine how long it took to put this together? The changes ,stopping, starting over and over . This had to be done over days then editing. Wonderful energy between the two of you, I have nothing but praises for them! God bless this couple for spreading joy happiness, sense of humor and laughter, what a great thing to share with the world. We need more of this in this day and age.. Thank you. You guys are two peas in a pod!  Had me worried in the beginning. Wish all arguments could end so well.

Laughter is the best medicine indeed!


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