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VOTD: Captivating Footage of Curious Kestrel Videobombs a Traffic Camera


We all know that a traffic camera is a video camera which observes vehicular traffic on a road typically these are put along major roads such as highways, freeways, motorways and expressways BUT it is not known for being a prolific source of excitement! Excitement for our curious little kestrel here!

However, one camera  somewhere in Gloucestershire, South west England captured the attention of an unexpected critter. A wide-eyed kestrel couldn’t help but stop and stare down the barrel of this highway CCTV. The footage is seriously adorable and bothering at the same time. In the video above, the kestrel is caught chirping, hopping, and being generally cute. The footage also captured the spunky bird holding it’s own against a magpie and a crow. Well at some point on this video , we were a bit scared if this kestrel is going to jump or fly from that high post tho. This kestrel keeps on looking at the camera as if saying “hi” or posing for a “selfie”, simply adorable! I bet that this bird is an absolute stress reliever for the people working and monitoring the traffic camera all day long.

Just a bit of trivia when hunting, the common kestrel characteristically hovers about 10–20 m (33–66 ft) above the ground, searching for prey, either by flying into the wind or by soaring using ridge lift. Like most birds of prey, common kestrels have keen eyesight enabling them to spot small prey from a distance. Once prey is sighted, the bird makes a short, steep dive toward the target.  It can often be found hunting along the sides of roads and motorways.

So that is why we found this bird  on top of the highway post, its either this kestrel thought it was a prey or he just needed a place to rest!

In the case of these bird battles, we are definitely team kestrel.



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