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VIDEO: Confession, Planned Parenthood Tells Women ABSURD Thing They’d Do With Ultrasound


2017-02-02 14_00_09-SHOCK VIDEO_ See What Planned Parenthood Tells Women Who Want Ultrasounds

Just a week ago, a viral video exposed the lies being told by Planned Parenthood. Countless employees were exposed by undercover investigators that they refuse to offer prenatal care, they will only perform abortions. That’s the money maker, right? They aren’t really in this for “women’s rights”

Now, a shocking sequel has come to light. The same undercover investigators released another video, and this time, it’s much worse. When you listen to what the women who asked for ultrasounds were told, you’ll be disgusted.

According to recent reports, Planned Parenthood employees were recorded admitting that they only offer ultrasounds to women who want to abort their babies, you know rip their child apart limb by limb so they can make money, not women who want prenatal care. They further reveal that the ultrasound is only used to aid the abortion procedure. They actually refuse to do the sonogram unless the patient is agreeing to terminate the pregnancy. Why show the mother her baby? That would only “humanize” it.

WATCH the clip below:

You really have to suspend your disbelief when watching this video. The shock of hearing a Planned Parenthood employee tell a woman that she can’t have an ultrasound unless she wants to kill her baby will make the blood drain from your face.

One Planned Parenthood staffer refers to the request for an ultrasound as a “standalone procedure” and quickly tells the woman seeking prenatal care that they won’t do ultrasounds unless it is done in preparation for an abortion.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a prayer of keeping any federal funding after Congress sees this video. Just a couple of excerpts from the viral video should give Congress all the motivation they need to obliterate this abomination of an organization.

– Council Bluffs, IA, Planned Parenthood stated:

“No, we don’t do any ultrasounds for prenatal care. We do them when we’re doing abortions, but not for any other reason.”

Then we go to – St. Louis, MO, Planned Parenthood who said:

“No. Nope. Not – not something we offer. Well, we do have to do an ultrasound with an abortion, but we don’t offer them for – we can’t do anything to make sure that the pregnancy’s fine.”

and this awesome one! – Corning, NY, Planned Parenthood:

“We only do ultrasounds if you are terminating.”

The founder of Live Action, Lila Rose, released a statement on the video, stating, “One would think a corporation that constantly touts its care for women, uses ‘parenthood’ in its name, and has ultrasound machines would want to ensure healthy pregnancies by allowing women to access ultrasounds to monitor the development of their babies.”

She continued:

“But showing a woman an ultrasound image would reveal the beating heart as well as moving arms and kicking legs, destroying the clump of cells’ myth Planned Parenthood perpetuates to try to make abortion easier to accept.”

This disheartening clip came only a little over a week after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to end funding for international Planned Parenthood operations.

Other lawmakers, like Rep. Steve A. King, are fighting by Trump’s side in the battle for life. King introduced the Federal Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill to Congress on Jan. 24 which states:

“If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.”

These recent legislative developments from our new president have pro-lifers across the nation cheering! The valuable impact that investigative videos from organizations like Live Action cannot be overstated, everyone has joined the fight together.


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