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Tucker Carlson For The Win! Gets Environmental Leader to Slip Up, Reveals Secret Info!


2017-02-03 14_33_02-Sierra Club_ Abortion Needed To Halt Overpopulation _ Daily Wire

Tucker Carlson just interviewed the executive director of the Sierra Club, and he seems to have the talent to bring out people’s worst secrets. Better yet, in this case, he gets them to admit to the world something they never wanted to reveal!

Tucker challenged the executive director of The Sierra Club, Michael Brune, to a little duel. He simply wanted to know why the club spoke out about causes that don’t seem to be directly tied to the environment. Tucker invited the Brune to express his organization’s political views.

Sierra Club’s top operative got his feathers ruffled, to say the least, he described abortion as an essential tool in protecting the environment. GET READY FOR IT, abortion is said to help the environment due to population control…I kid you not! Watch for yourself below…

Brune tried to claim abortion was really just “women’s rights:”

“We believe in empowering women’s rights. We believe that women who have rights and who have the ability to have choice about their reproductive – make their own reproductive choices – will help to produce strong families and will help to protect the environment at the same time. Sierra club is pro-choice.

[Abortion] “helps to address the number of the people that we have on this planet. We feel that one of the ways in which we can get to a sustainable population is to empower women to make choices about their own families.”

Asked by Carlson if the Sierra Club’s left-wing political advocacy on issues such as abortion, illegal immigration, and border security is beyond its purview as articulated by the organization’s own mission statement,

Brune eliminated all political frontiers:

“Part of the Sierra Club’s job, our mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet. We don’t think that separating some parts of America from others is a good way to do that. The Sierra Club stands to protect the rights of all Americans to have clean air, clean water, and a healthy democracy in order to fight for their rights.”

Brune also described foreigners illegally in the country as “Americans” who need a “pathway to citizenship.”

If you support something this awful at least have the balls to admit it, instead of hiding behind women’s rights! Jeez…pansy!


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