Trump’s First Week Takedown Scorecard [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s first week in office is all done and the enemies of America, Democrats in the far left, are going berserk.  For the first time in memory, a President is working hard to keep his campaign promises.  Remember, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor…” If Donald Trump’s first week in office indicates anything, it’s fair to assume we won’t be discussing lies like that in four years.

Here are some quick bullet points of what Donald Trump started in the first seven days:

  • Began to cut the legs off of Obamacare;
  • Started the process of building the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and ordered a halt in funding to “sanctuary cities”;
  • Temporarily stopped the flow of immigration from seven terrorist-dominated nations;
  • Exited the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” trade negotiations;
  • Revived the Keystone and Dakota pipeline projects;
  • Reorganized the National Security Council;
  • Directed a 30-day study by the Pentagon to recommend a strategy to destroy ISIS;
  • Directed a Pentagon review of readiness of military forces, also on a tight deadline;
  • Met with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and conferred with Germany’s Angela Merkel and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

I would add, he picks off all the right people.  He even had little Chucky Schumer in tears.  What more could you ask.

The media is having a field day.

The media just doesn’t get Donald Trump.  They keep howling about distraction.  Trump’s forays into things like the size of his crowd for the inauguration aren’t distraction; it’s evidence that Donald Trump is doing something no Republican president has been able to do since Reagan – set the agenda.  If talking about the size of the inaugural crowd was such a nonentity why doesn’t the media just ignore it and move on to what they would consider “the real issues”?

They won’t do it because, by and large, they are petty and they are at war with Donald Trump.  Take the first press conference for example.  President Trump’s press secretary had the audacity to give the first question to a news outlet other than the Associated Press.  Then on Thursday when he took Air Force One to Philadelphia for the Republican retreat he had the audacity not to turn and wave to the media.  Both of those minor things hurt the feelings of the media, and those stories dominated reporting on two of seven days of President Trump’s first week in office.

He’s also pissing off the right Republicans, specifically, Sen. John McCain.  The feeble senator from Arizona was distraught when President Trump added Steve Bannon to the National Security Council.  McCain, obviously hurt because Trump sees him for what he is, called a press conference and denounced the appointment of Bannon to the NSC.  I can hardly wait to see what he’s going to say when President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security starts protecting the nation and deporting illegal aliens.

All in all, it was an excellent first week.  We have a President who gives every appearance that he’s going to keep his campaign promises.  We also have a President who understands what it means to work.  I suspect that will put the Congress into a state of shock.  I like that too.


We’re into the second week and on day two at 8 PM Eastern time we found out who Donald Trump wants to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.  Tuesday night and Wednesday were consumed with Democrats and Democratic operatives in the media with bylines whining, crying, and screaming about what a racist Nazi Trump Supreme Court pick is.  The American people laughed at them.

Making America Great Again one day at a time.

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