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Trump Wants To Do THIS To Nuclear Arsenal! Democrats Are Furious!


President Trump’s policies can best be described as protectionist. While that makes many happy, it also infuriates the left. It certainly is now. The President recently made comments to the media insisting that he wanted to ensure the United States expands their nuclear arsenal so that it will go to the top of the pack.

He made his comments earlier on Thursday to a reporter with Reuters. This is quite the opposite to his predecessors policies who made substantial cuts to the nuclear arsenal mere days prior to leaving the office of the presidency. It was Vice President Joe Biden who made it public that they had eliminated 533 weapons.

Making the new total to deployed and non deployed warheads 4,018. It all began over a year ago in September 2015. It is rumored the cuts were primarily made to the non-deployed stockpile. Because of the Obama era cuts, Russia now has more weapons than the United States. They have a total of 1,960 strategic warheads deployed and 2,350 non-deployed warheads.


While the United States has approximately 1,590 strategic warheads, they are currently deployed on intercontinental missiles and at heavy bomber bases. On the other hand, they have 150 nonstrategic warheads deployed in areas that deal with short range delivery systems.

President Trump has said in the past he hopes to better the relationship between Russia and the United States. While their recent alleged actions might be difficult, his stance on the relationship has not changed. He is surely unwillingly to sacrifice American military capability in order to allow Russia to have more weapons.

Under President Trump not only is border security a serious issue that will be handled, but so will military readiness and nuclear capability. All these issues were placed on the back burner during the Obama administration. Long gone are the days where America takes the second place. Trump is about WINNING.


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