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Trump Does THIS To Russia! Liberals Freak!


President Trump has made it clear throughout his time in the White House as well as during his campaign that he makes it a plan to become friendlier with Russia. Something Hillary Clinton would never have been able to do because of her contentious relationship with Vladimir Putin. However, the latest action the President took towards Russia is making liberals go bonkers!

Two days ago the U.S. Treasury Department eased the economic sanctions placed on Russia. They were put in place under President Obama and done against the Russia intelligence service. Liberals are freaking out for fear that Obama’s legacy will be destroyed. However, at a news conference the President insisted he is not easing anything.

The purpose of the new ruling is to assist American businesses to more easily deal with Russia in dealing with the unintended consequences of Obama’s sanctions. His sanctions made it next to impossible for American businesses to gain the FSB intelligence services cooperation when attaining licensing procedures and background checks.

One man noted their was little technical change. That was Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina. He maintained their was wording issues but that all of this has been blown wildly out of proportion. Press Secretary Sean Spicer also echoed this sentiment.

He insisted that it is not uncommon to modify things to a marginal extent when a new administration comes into power. Which a far different story than the one purported by the mainstream liberal media who painted it as a golden wrapped gift to our Russian enemy. Even the Associated Press and Snopes who are notoriously liberal sites admitted that these allegations of wide and large sanctioning coming to an end was false.

However, Snopes did report the following which was accurate,

“(t)he United States Treasury announced an adjustment on sanctions against the FSB that would allow technology goods to be imported to Russian consumers.”

Burr also explained it further too,

“When an American business does business in Russia, there is some filing that they have to make with the FSB to get permission. The threshold that they raised was up to $5,000, to allow these transactions to take place so that all these businesses could continue their operations.”

Even Senator John McCain told reporters that after much research the change that President Trump made only appears to be technical in nature. Considering he has been a Republican detractor of the President his words certainly carry a lot of weight.

In this case the only fear mongering being done is by the Democratic Party who is spreading fake news.




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