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‘Trump Is Right! The Media Is the Enemy’, Says USA Today Media Columnist [VIDEO]


Donald Trump’s advisor Steve Bannon made a comment that caused the Democratic operatives with bylines in the media to get their panties in a huge wad.  What he said was simply the truth, and we know that the media doesn’t respond to the truth well.

What Bannon said was that the media was the enemy and they should just shut up.

Every media outlet went crazy.

The host of CNN program called “Reliable Sources,” Brian Stetler had a fit.  That’s nothing new, Stetler has a fit every Sunday over the actions of President Donald Trump.  This time he got called on it and got a smack down that will leave a mark.

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Michael Wolff is a media columnist for USA Today and The Hollywood Reporter who wrote:

“The media strategy is to show Trump to be an inept and craven sociopath. The Trump strategy is to show that media people are hopeless prigs out of touch with the nation (e.g., CNN’s media correspondent, Brian Stelter, who turns to the camera every Sunday morning and delivers a pious sermon about Trump’s perfidiousness) and nursing personal grudges.”

Stetler wasn’t happy about Wolff’s column and called him on it.  “You feel my style is wrong, or my substances wrong, trying to fact check the president?”

Here is Stetler’s response and it’s brutal.

“It’s not a good look to repeatedly, and self-righteously defend your own self-interest.  The media should not be the story.  Every week in this religious sense you make it the story.  We are not the story.”

Stetler should’ve shut up right there.  “You don’t think there’s room for one hour a week on CNN for this?”

Wolff looked him square in the eye and said “I just wish you wouldn’t turn to the camera and lecture America about the virtue of the media.  The media does not need defending by the media, certainly.”

Wolff then ripped the New York Times, assuring he won’t get an invitation to the Times’ holiday party.  “The New York Times front page looks like it’s 1938 Germany every day.  The New Yorker has left all of its standards behind and has now become an opinion vehicle constantly.”

Wolff is right, but I certainly hope Stetler and his Democratic operative cronies with bylines continue to ignore him.  Let them go on attacking the Trump administration and defending themselves.  They like to report that Donald Trump’s favorable ratings are below Barack Obama’s, but what they leave out in those reports is the Trump’s favorable ratings are about three times higher than the media’s favorable ratings.

Keep on attacking CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, et al, keep the microscope on yourselves and your ratings will continue to drop, and Donald Trump will continue to Make America Great Again.


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