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Trump Cleaning House and Giving Those Responsible for the Benghazi Coverup the BOOT!! [VIDEO]


Donald Trump seems to be keeping his campaign promises and it looks like he starting at Foggy Bottom.  Four high-level administrative officials of the State Department were fired last week and we say, “good riddance to bad rubbish!”  It just so happens that the four who were shown the door are highly partisan Democrats and have been in bed – maybe literally, who knows – with Hillary Clinton for decades.

Patrick Kennedy – one of “those”– along with Joyce Anne Barr and Lydia Muniz, and Ambassador Gentry Smith, were unceremoniously sacked last week.  Kennedy served as Undersecretary for Management and was involved up to his eyeballs in covering up Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email problems.

The media has gone berserk over the firing of these four toads.

The commentator is right; the American people are celebrating with these Democratic operatives being sacked.  The only thing that would’ve been better would have been to have them thrown off the Capitol Dome onto the steps and leave their bodies for the ravens to eat.

Given the inbred staff at the State Department, we can only hope that these four are the first of several thousand that are shown the door.

Josh Rogan at the Washington Post – which henceforth will be known as WaPoo – conjured up a story about this, that will cement his bona fides as a Democratic operative with a byline.  For starters, here’s the headline on the story:

The State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned

There are just a couple of problems with that headline, the first one is, it’s a big fat lie.  Nobody “resigned”.  The people who left were fired.  Quite unceremoniously, thank you, they were walked out the door.

The second thing, these four dupes were not the “entire senior administrative team” at the State Department.  They were simply four Democrats who spent a good chunk of the last eight years covering for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Rogan is also whining about some unnamed senior officials in regional bureaus who have left their post to resign since the election.  Let’s remember that Donald Trump said that all political appointees were going to be replaced and the foreign service officers question submitted their resignations; the only thing that happened was that those resignations were accepted.

I really don’t have words to express how pleased I am to see these four go.  Now then, if Tillerson can just put three more zeros behind that 4 the nation will be in much better shape.


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