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Trump Administration Ensures THESE People Won’t Be Deported Due To Ban! Liberals SILENT!


Liberals are calling the recent executive order on immigration a ban on Muslim individuals. When in reality it is a ban on refugees from specific terrorist hotbed countries. Numerous predominantly Muslim countries aren’t included in the ban. Countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and more. Due to recent wariness by the public over foreign interpreters being turned away who pledged their loyalty to America the White House has announced the following:

The administration issued a new memo ensuring that Iraqi interpreters who worked with the American military will not be sent away when entering the United States. People were fearful because many of these interpreters faced death from ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists for helping Americans.

In the initial executive order rollout, the interpreters were not given special treatment and instead treated like any other Iraqi. This caused a serious problem as Iraq was one of the seven countries in the refugee ban. Pentagon officials modified the order when news came back of interpreters being detained and sent back to their homeland, where they faced death at a moments notice.


Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., spoke on Fox and Friends on the issue and made the following comments,

“I totally agree with Trump’s executive order, but there should be a few exceptions in the Iraqi interpreters who helped our American forces on the ground and are still helping them. Those guys to me should be an exception to his rule.”

On Monday Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said Monday said the following over the recent development,

“Even people that are doing seemingly benign things in support of us — whether as a linguist, a driver, anything else — they often do that at great personal risk. So people who take these risks are really making a tangible signal of support to the United States and that’s something that will, and should be, recognized.”

Newly minted Secretary of Defense James Mattis also called the administration out and emphasized the importance of protecting military loyalists who were of Iraqi nationality. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-IL, backed him up on it as well and supported this policy. Hunter and Kinzinger released a joint statement together assuring the following,

We made a promise to the men and women who served alongside us on the battlefield, and we must uphold that promise to leave no man behind. We urge the President to honor Secretary Mattis’ requests, and stand up for those who stood by our military and American personnel. For the safety of these courageous individuals and their families, and in the interest of our national security, it’s critical that we make this exception and do so swiftly.”

It’s enormously important to ensure we have safe and secure borders. But another tenant of American policy is honor and loyalty. There is no honor or loyalty in leaving someone to die who has been by your side and helping you along the way. It is this country’s moral obligation to protect these people who risked their lives to help American soldiers.


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