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This FAMED Progressive Has Just LEFT THE LEFT- He Wants To Tell Everyone Why


Dave Rubin has left…the left. Can you blame him? The left has gone absolutely insane. So those of them that are still human being are taking the opportunity to flee the chaos and mental illness of being a leftist far more frequent now. Just like Mr. Rubin has.

Now the reasons why he left, well that is best told by him… watch this.

This guy is a well-known for his own show “The Rubin Report” and he used to be huge progressive, until he came to the realization that he didn’t want to be a crazy person….and nope, he wasn’t really a progressive because of that.

He even had a show with ‘The Young Turks’

However, now he is no longer a progressive and that awful life is behind him, this man has left the left and he’s not planning on looking back ever.

“Regressive” is right. You know, kinda like Shocking Statistics Reveal Just how Intolerant Liberal College Campuses Are and Students Can Now Walk Out On Lectures Over ‘Trigger Warnings’.

Now, isn’t that such the true statement? Leftist are nothing but bullies, they have morphed into something unrecognizable to their original stance. They have never been normal, but now they are hardly even human!

They have basically shunned ‘civilized’ leftist society, and allowed for ‘stupid’ to take over everything. Thanks Obama.

It seems like a real sickness they have. That has them seeking nothing BUT opportunities to be offended, and making their twisted idea of reality real to them.

What Dave explains is one reason people are turned off to the left as a whole. The oppression Olympics might be funny in an SNL skit, but it’s sadly become our new reality. We’re not even allowed cupcakes. Unless we’re forced to bake them for people whose lifestyles we disagree with. How is that “fair”?

Well Dave, we welcome you to the right side….where thinking is a thing, and sanity is intact.
Now watch has the new guy gets hazed by Crowder…


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