Sunday Night’s “Miss Universe” Pageant Would Not Have Been Complete without a Trump Question! [VIDEO]

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Steve Harvey, the MC for the Miss Universe Pageant is a complete jerk.  He hates Donald Trump with a passion and I thought for sure he was planning on leaving America if Trump was elected.  If that was the case, he lied about that just like the rest of Hollywood.

On Sunday, Harvey managed to drop a question about Donald Trump into the pageant.  Keep in mind: this is the Miss UNIVERSE pageant, not the Miss America pageant and why Harvey thought one of these young ladies from around the world should have an opinion about Donald Trump is beyond me.  Oh, that’s right, it’s Steve Harvey, and he’s a jerk.

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Miss Kenya drew the short straw.  Harvey pulled out his card and read, “Now, arguably, no U.S. president has had a more active first ten days in office.  What are you most excited about, and what most concerns you when it comes to the presidency of Donald Trump?”

Steve, she’s from Kenya.  That’s in Africa.  She doesn’t live in America.  You’re an idiot.

I’m sure Harvey and the collective idiots who wrote and approved this question expected a politically correct answer.  What they got, was their heads handed to them.  Metaphorically, of course, Miss Kenya isn’t a Muslim.

“… once he took up his position, he was able to unify the whole nation.”

Very classy Miss Kenya, very classy.

Let me repeat Mr. Harvey; you’re a punk.  You pulled that question out of… the air… and dropped in on somebody who should have no reason to know much about the American political system or have an opinion about Donald Trump.


Miss Kenya is obviously a lot smarter than you are and I really enjoyed watching her put you – and the segment of the audience who cheered at your stupid question – in your place.

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