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Stressed About Flying?…Meet LiLou! [Video]


Today was February 20th. It was also ‘National Love Your Pet Day” and many pet lovers everywhere were paying a little extra attention to their furry friends today. There were even some pampering their not-so furry friends, like LiLou, the therapy pig.

That’s right! LiLou is a therapy pig and part of the “Wag Brigade”. She freelances at San Francisco International Airport.  Her job is to help ease the stress of passengers who are flying. Do you have a fear of flying? Are you under a lot of stress these days?  Maybe you just need a little LiLou to help you.


H/T Mashable:

Who needs licensed social workers and prescription Xanax when you can have therapy pigs?

Meet LiLou, the groundbreaking Juliana pig who now freelances at the San Francisco International Airport. LiLou joins a diverse team of therapy animals at the airport, there to soothe anxious passengers. She is believed to be the first pig in the country to take on this kind of role.

The team, known as the “Wag Brigade,” was formed approximately three years ago. It includes approximately 300 animals who work diligently to sit and look cute as panicked passengers pet their way to oblivion.

The animals, who are trained by the San Francisco SPCA and are certified to be Animal Assisted Therapy Animals, even wear giant vests that say “Pet Me” on them so that they can be easily identified. If you thought a giant pig was cute, wait ’til you see a pig in a “Pet Me” vest.

Animals who participate in the program must meet rigorous standards, including a commitment to diversity, according to the San Francisco SPCA: “Pets must be interested in and eager to approach people and accept handling, regardless of the person’s age, gender, race, size, mobility equipment usage and apparel.”

You’re not going to believe it, but amazing enough, LiLou the therapy pig has over 10 K followers on Instagram.

LiLou not only relieves stress at the airports, but she has quite a few fans that seem to follow her as well. Just remember LiLou and this story next time someone says to you …”If Only Pigs Could Fly?”



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