Spies Keep Intelligence from Donald Trump on Leak Concerns [VIDEO]

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If you read the headlines the Democratic operatives with bylines in the major media would have you believe that the intelligence community has cut President Trump out of the loop.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The media, working hand-in-hand with the Democratic Party, is determined to paint a picture that President Trump is not in a position to govern the nation.  They lost an election, and they are determined to do everything possible to destroy the Trump administration, and if they have to destroy the nation to do it, that’s just collateral damage.

The latest story out of Washington is that U.S. intelligence officials are withholding intelligence information from the president because they’re concerned that the information could be leaked or compromised.  The media, serving as a public relations arm of the Democratic National Committee, is pounding the story that there is “deep mistrust.” between the intelligence community and the president.


The cause of this “deep mistrust”?  Of course, it has to be the Russians.  The intelligence community apparently has their panties in a wad because members of the president’s team have contacts with the Russian government.

The real reason they have their panties in a wad is that President Trump hasn’t removed intelligence officials appointed by Barack Obama.  Unfortunately, there are thousands of Obama appointees still in the reins of government, and they’re doing everything possible to undercut President Trump to shore up the “Obama legacy.”

As the Wall Street Journal reporter said multiple times during the video the fact that information about sources and methods are withheld from the presidential briefings is nothing new.  Presidents don’t have to be in the loop on sources and methods except in very rare instances.  The intelligence community doesn’t share that information with the intelligence committees in the House or Senate either for the same reason.  Legislators have no need to know either.

Democratic operatives with media bylines are working overtime to make sure that this little bit of FAKE NEWS looks like a major rift between the administration and the intelligence community.  The fact is that there is nothing happening that is out of the ordinary other than the fact that there is a Republican sitting in the Oval Office.  Please remember that the Democratic operatives with media bylines didn’t care when they found out that Barack Obama couldn’t be bothered to attend intelligence briefings.  That wasn’t news because the media, from January of 2009 until January 2017 was an unofficial arm of the Obama administration.

A spokesman for the White House and the Office of Director of National Intelligence said, “there is nothing that leads us to believe that this is an accurate account of what is actually happening.

Any suggestion that the U.S. intelligence community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and his national security team is not true.”

The reality of the story is that the president has some work to do cleaning the Swamp in the intelligence community.  Here’s hoping that Donald Trump has learned a lesson about the people who work in Washington DC.  There are too many leftover Obama appointees who need to be purged.  The media will certainly scream about “important offices” being unfilled, but the risk of something falling through the cracks is far smaller than the certainty that Obama leftovers are doing nothing on a day-to-day basis but working to undercut President Trump.

It’s a month past time for there to be metaphorical blood running in the streets of Washington DC.

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