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The Secret Between Barack and Richard Branson’s “Bromance” [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


What is Barack doing with Dick?

It looks like billionaire Richard Branson and Barack Obama are in the midst of a big-time bromance.  We got pictures and video of the two of them frolicking on Branson’s private island.

In theory, the two were snuggling because Obama had complained that when he became President, Barack forgot how to surf, so Branson invited him to Necker Island for some kite surfing.

They certainly did get in some kite surfing…

6 Barack and Dick 2

And of course, Barack spent a lot of time showing off…

6 Barack and Dick 1

But there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.  In fact, Branson and Obama apparently feel like they need one another.  The Obama’s have set up a new foundation, modeled on the Clinton Foundation, and they desperately need money.  After all, the whole point of a charitable foundation is raping and pillaging rich people.  At least that’s what Bill and Hillary did.

Branson, on the other hand, is another George Soros in the making.  He poured millions into fighting Brexit – thankfully for Britain he wasted that money – and he hates Donald Trump with a passion.

The relationship between Branson and Obama goes back to when Barack was still in office.

6 Barack and Dick 4

It’s obvious that Branson – who has serious problems with charges of tax evasion in the UK – wants to play off of Obama’s celebrity while he hides from the tax inspectors.  He also wants to enlist Obama to fight Donald Trump’s push for strong national borders around the world.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, desperately needs Branson’s money to keep Michelle in cheeseburgers and ugly clothes.

Keep an eye on the news, you’re probably going to see a lot more of Barack playing with Dick.


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