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Russia Sent Spy Ships To U.S. Shores! Look What It Is!


Military officers spotted a Russian spy ship patrolling off the East Coast this morning. This is the very first during the Trump administration, one has been found. Earlier today it was also revealed that the Kremlin had deployed cruise missiles inside their country and they flew within a 200 yard perimeter of a U.S. Navy destroyer. It was highly controversial and unknown that it was going to take place.

However, the ship was in international water a mere seventy miles off the coast of Delaware in the northeast. It was heading north at ten knots according to a report of one official to Fox News. But they were within twelve nautical miles of the American territory line.

The destination of the ship is unknown and unclear. The Obama administration dealt with similar situations previously. The use of these missiles is a violation of a 1987 treaty between our two countries. It explicitly banned ground launched intermediate range missiles.


The Trump administration has clearly set out to create a better relationship with Russia. Yet the Kremlin is trying to test the new administration. But this incident also happened mere hours after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from his post.

The Washington Free Beacon reported to Fox News that this past Friday Russian jets flew over the USS Porter in the Black Sea. It was about 186 miles southwest of Crimea and fifty miles off the coast of Romania in Europe. This continued on for several hours.

All calls to Russian jets were ignored as their transponders were shut off. It is very clear that Vladimir Putin is either trying to test how the Trump administration will respond or he is playing the President for a fool.

The President ran a campaign on being retaliatory. Whenever someone struck at him, however big or small, he hit back and that was just his campaign. When it comes to matters of international foreign policy he is not all that likely to let it go especially considering he has never let things go in the past.

Putin would do well to remember that before he takes the olive branch extended by our President and slaps him in the face with it. He brought a knife to a gun fight and Trump will not make that mistake.


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