Road Raging Maniac Picks The Wrong Guy To Mess With- IMMEDIATELY Regrets It When He Sees THIS! [VIDEO]

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If you haven’t seen the video, now’s your chance. A road rage driver bit off more than he could chew when the motorist he was screaming at pulled out a handgun and pointed at him…


What happened next will horrify some, and entertain others, depending on where you stand. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it…

As the video clip opens, you see the driver filming himself. He has an annoyed look on his face, and the sound of a car horn is blaring. Soon enough a man pulls up alongside this motorist and launches into an expletive-ridden tirade…

The man filming just flips him the bird…and the already angry motorist gets REALLY¬†furious!

Next up, the angry man yells, ‘Do something motherf**ker, pull over! You ain’t gonna do sh*t!’….and with that, the man does something.


He pulls out a pistol and points it at the enraged man. The next thing you hear is the man gasping ‘Oh God!’, before he slams on his brakes, and we loose sight of him. The man went from tough guy to a tower of jello in no time.

The clip was filmed in the U.S., and has since gone viral having accumulated more than 20 million views on Facebook alone.

Despite many suggesting the clip is staged, it has more than 700,000 shares and 400,000 likes after being uploaded to Facebook by ‘The Obnoxious Mr Robertson’.

The video was posted by ‘The Obnoxious Mr Robertson’ is named, ‘Think before you road rage’, and it has caused a commotion from different viewers…

Lori Boren wrote:
‘It’s so funny how many jump on this.. this is stupid, you should be jailed blah blah blah. You totally miss the point to this video, it’s saying be careful who you start yelling at while driving.

But Mike Sobusiak wrote:
‘Logical law abiding citizens who carry firearms take the responsibility very seriously. Doing things like this even if it’s fake are stupid and make good gun owners look bad.’

If this was staged, then great. It teaches a a valuable lesson. If it was not, then this guy is definitely not the majority of gun owners in the U.S., so don’t get your panties in a bunch, Keyboard Warriors…

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