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Reinstate the Trump Travel Ban – ISIS Members Arrested Plotting Attack [VIDEO]


Democrats, leftist judges that they been able to pack into the courts, and Democratic media operatives with bylines are having a fit over the “Trump Travel Ban.”  They managed to put it on hold with the help of a judge in Seattle that seems to have never read the Constitution and the Ninth Circus who upheld his order.

President Trump will appeal it, and once Justice Gorsuch has taken his seat on the Supreme Court the travel ban will be back in place, and we can get back To Making America Safe Again.

Right now Germany is Ground Zero for ISIS attacks and last week the Germans arrested three suspected ISIS members plotting a massive terror attack in Germany.

From where do these terrorists come?  They’re coming from all over the world, and recruitment is especially active in the West.  We see more and more news reports of “immigrants” and America recruited by the terrorists.  Just recently eight Somali terrorists were convicted in Minnesota of plotting terrorist activities.

Pay special attention to the terrorist who said, “I’m just a regular guy.”  He is.  The clip, produced by NBC News, so you know it’s politically correct, made the point that there are some common denominators among these terrorists.  They left out the most important common denominator; they are all Muslims.

In Germany, the three men arrested last week had suicide vests, explosives, and rifles.  Their plans focused on inflicting mass harm on innocent civilians.

German intelligence notes that they have reports that Muslim terrorists are brainwashing children as young as 13 “to stage attacks” in the country.

We see frequent headlines about Muslim terrorists in France and Germany, but they’re coming here as well.  Barack Obama and Paul Ryan worked her fingers to the bone last year to get as many “refugees” into the U.S. as they possibly could.  They are moving them into places just like your neighborhood.  Don’t be surprised when we start reading about more arrests here in the U.S. just like the ones that happened last week in Germany.  The U.S. is a much softer target.  At least for the moment.

Donald Trump Wants to Make America Safe Again, thank God somebody cares.


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