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She Refused to Pull the Plug, Years Later He Woke & Said Just 2 Words…


2017-02-20 12_39_06-She Refused To Pull Plug On Husband, Years Later He Woke And Said...

Happily ever after is for dreamers and fools right? That’s what many would have said who knew this blissfully happy couple who’d just had their life together flushed down the toilet. Tragedy struck a mere seven months after a newly married man was involved in a catastrophic motorcycle collision that rendered him nearly brain-dead and in a coma. On a sunny day in July, Matt Davis attempted to merge onto an interstate when he ran full force into an illegally parked vehicle. The collision sent his body flying. Davis was rushed to the hospital and immediately hooked up to life support as the medical staff did everything they could to bring him to a stable condition. It appeared to be a cut and dry case for the doctors, this man was living on life support, with most of the major bones in his body shattered, logically the likelihood of him waking up was slim to none. It was time to let him go. Or so they thought.

Three years passed by and Davis was still on life support in a deep coma. Then, one morning, a thousand of prayers later from his loving wife, Matt miraculously woke up and uttered two words that Danielle won’t soon forget.

“I’m trying,” he said.
2017-02-20 12_39_39-She Refused To Pull Plug On Husband, Years Later He Woke And Said...

Matt had attempted to merge onto an interstate and hit an illegally parked vehicle, which sent him flying off of his motorcycle at a high rate of speed. He broke multiple bones, lacerated organs and took heavy trauma to his brain.

As he lay in his hospital bed, completely incapacitated and unable to speak, Danielle was there, always. She prayed, a lot.

When doctors finally told her the devastating news that there was nothing else they could do to support Matt’s recovery, she knew that she had to make a choice — pull the plug or keep fighting.

But she said her decision was easy, telling a local news reporter, “I knew that God could get us through that,” she said. “I didn’t think it was too big for God.”

They moved Matt from the hospital to Danielle’s mother’s North Carolina home, where they were tasked with the job of 24-hour care for Matt.

Days, weeks, months and even years passed before that one glorious day when Matt awoke to the sight of his beautiful, supportive wife.

2017-02-20 12_39_22-She Refused To Pull Plug On Husband, Years Later He Woke And Said...

“I saw her, and I was like, yeah!” Matt stated.

Matt hasn’t slowed down with what doctors describe as “unprecedented” progress in his recovery.

This woman’s rock-solid, undying faith helped push her through the most trying time in her life and it paid off in a big way. Matt’s willpower and determination combined with his wife’s undying love bought this couple their happily ever after, after all.


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