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REALLY!? Hillary Clinton Just Made An UNREAL Plea In DNC Video


Right after the election, you may have been thinking that we would finally be free from having to hear from Hillary Clinton. Sorry to report, but that desired and much wanted reality is not going to exist, at least not anytime soon.

After the election, there were rumors circulating everywhere that she was planning on running for Mayor of New York City. Another rumor that was floating around was that Hillary was considering running for President again in 2020.


Shockingly enough, there are many people who’d consider her as the perfect person for 2020.

According to Allen B. West:

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday showered praise on the wave of protests sweeping the country and urged party faithfuls to set their sights on elections to come.

“After the primaries we came together as a party to write the most progressive platform in history,” she said in a video message posted on the Democratic Party’s Twitter account. “Ideas we championed are now inspiring leaders and activists across our country.”

“And everywhere people are marching, protesting, tweeting, speaking out and working for an America that’s hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted,” she added.

Clinton also went on to praise the Trump resistance movement:

“We as Democrats must move forward with courage, confidence and optimism, and stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next,” she said. “Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country.”

Clearly, Democrats are having a hard time learning their lesson. After all, they couldn’t find a better messenger to move the party forward than the candidate soundly rejected by voters in — not one, but two — presidential elections. Although it’s hard for Democrats to fathom, people don’t like Hillary Clinton.

I don’t know about you but I think Hillary should just go enjoy being a grandmother….but we all know she’s going to refuse to do that. Her humanity card got pulled a long time ago…why spend time being grandmother when you can rule the world?



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