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The President’s Son-In-Law Complained About THIS To Network Heads!


Jared Kushner moved to Washington, D.C. with his wife and kids so he could work with the President. Now it seems he is already making headlines. For nothing other than defending the man he now works for. He is now going toe to toe with some of the heavy hitters in the media business. They are not gonna like it.


Kushner serves as a White House Senior Adviser. This week he complained to top executives at CNN and Gary Ginsberg. In addition, he went after their parent company Time Warner Inc. He reached out to them about their unfair coverage of the President.

He took particular umbrage with Van Jones, a contributor at CNN. Previously he had been a Democrat adviser in the Obama administration. In addition, he complained about Republican strategist Ana Navarro. Navarro has repeatedly taken aim at Trump and denounced him over numerous issues.

The White House told the Wall Street Journal the following,

It’s no secret that the President and his team have been critical of CNN’s dishonest coverage of the President both during the campaign and since his inauguration, and it’s obvious their ratings have suffered as a result. Fox [News] on the other hand provides mostly fair and more complete coverage of the Administration and their ratings have never been better.”

These meetings come right after Trump’s recent press conference that has everyone talking. CNN continuously has said the President was out of control. To which the President has responded that they have treated him unfairly.

Trump said that CNN is “very fake news” and they are suffering from low ratings as a result. He claimed it was the hatred in their coverage that caused this. Targeting the 10 pm Don Lemon Show in particular, claiming he was always hosting and only hosts anti-Donald Trump personalities.

A CNN spokeswoman said

CNN’s ratings are up 50 percent. Our journalism has never been stronger as we continue to hold this administration’s feet to the fire. Those are the facts.”

Navarro immediately took to Twitter to chime in on the conversation.

What is your opinion of the mainstream liberal media? Do they treat the President fairly or have they mistreated all presidential candidates alike? Comment below and on social media.


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