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OOPS! NBA Player WHINES Of Slavery, Charles Barkley’s Response Shut It Down REAL QUICK


The crybaby? That would be Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, who makes a sweet $16 million a year…yes, a year. Sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it? You get paid big money, to do what you love, and that should be something to be happy about.

You would think.

However…. no. Not for everyone. Well, not for those that like this guy anyhow.


He can’t even hold it in long enough to show a little respect for others in the game after what he just did. New York Knicks owner, James Dolan was the target of Green’s most recent blow out when he was annoyed with how Dolan treated Charles Oakley.

Green decided it would be a good time to play the ‘slavery card’. In response however, Charles Barkley had something he wanted to say about it, and if you know him, then you know he does not hold any punches.

“When players are making millions of dollars, I think it is moronic to compare them to slaves. It is so far removed from reality, it bites. Green is parroting racial talking points and doesn’t know much about history or real life for that matter. Making this kind of statement takes away from the real horror of slavery and those who have and do suffer under it. He thinks it is chic to equate something he finds unfair with slavery, when instead it just makes him look stupid in the extreme.”

Yep..the man is good.

Draymond said the following about New York Knicks owner James Dolan who is being criticized for not treating one of his former players, Charles Oakley, with the proper respect.

No. 1—(Oakley) is a legend. Treat him as such. Why is (Oakley) buying a ticket to a game, first off? … It wasn’t a problem when (Oakley) was speaking out (when he played in the 1990s). It wasn’t a problem when he was protecting (the Knicks’) superstars then. So if it wasn’t a problem then when he was doing it for y’all, why is it all of a sudden a problem now when he speak out on something that he don’t like, and now you want to disown him from your entire organization? … That’s a slave mentality. A slave-master mentality. That’s ridiculous.

Here’s what legendary NBA superstar Charles Barkley had to say about that…

Outspoken former basketball star Charles Barkley went off on an NBA player’s slavery accusation, calling it “just asinine and stupid.”

“That is just stupid,” Barkley said Thursday on Atlanta sports talk station 680 AM, the Post reported. “I don’t think you ever use basketball analogies to compare to slavery when guys are making $20 million, $30 million a year. I just think that’s just stupid.”

Green provided additional context during an interview that’s scheduled to air this Saturday on ESPN Radio’s Meet The All-Stars. He explained, “I can’t say James Dolan is a racist. I don’t know James Dolan. I never said James Dolan doesn’t have a slave-master mentality. I said when you look at something and someone is doing something for someone and all of a sudden they can’t anymore, that falls under the slave mentality.”

Sorry but…it does not matter what way you slice this, what Green said is absolute garbage. There are plenty of prejudiced accusations going around and many of them are ill will between Oakley and Dolan. Green himself should just stay out of it and mind his own $16 million business.

Playing the slavery card? Tasteless.

Demeaning the history of slavery and the civil rights movement like this, is just a hit on his character not anyone he’s trying to diss.

Cut the crap man.


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