OOPS! Libs Throw Anti-Trump Protest at Supreme Court, THEN Things Go HORRIBLY Wrong…

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Awkward!! Democrats had the foundation laid out for a “good” protest, all they lacked was real substance and not just a couple of crappy chants. After staging their rally on the steps of the United States Supreme Court last night to protest President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban, these liberals received a huge lesson humility.

This is where things get embarrassing. During the protest, there was problem, after problem, starting with the microphone not working and ending with the “real people” going missing.

Good gosh, Nancy Pelosi sounded like a raspy spokeswoman for an old Verizon ad campaign.

“Can you hear?” she continuously croaked to the crowds gathered Monday night on the steps of the Supreme Court.

As top Democratic leaders held a protest against President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, the microphone they used did not work properly.

The crowds could not hear what was being said so they resorted to chants including “Lock him up!” in reference to Trump.

Pelosi ended up saying “Look at that moon. It’s a new moon. All right, can you hear me now?”

She also asked people to sing “This Land Is Your Land” again until the microphones began working, which never happened.

Then Pelosi tried to find the “real people” that she wanted to use to make her point, but they were nowhere to be found.

“Where are they?” Schumer desperately asked, not being able to find the “real people.”


Could anything be more symbolic of Democrats? Things didn’t work and there was no sign of real people with them anywhere.

Trump certainly noticed.

2017-01-31 15_39_23-OOPS! Dems Throw Anti-Trump Protest at Supreme Court, but Things Go HORRIBLY Wro

Pelosi responded:

“The mic briefly didn’t work, but this thin-skinned President clearly heard the voices of the more than 250 Members of Congress and thousands of others who gathered outside the Supreme Court last night. The President’s immoral executive order is clearly unconstitutional — no matter how many times he tweets or how many Administration officials he fires.”

I think it’s safe to say, Democratic meltdowns are going to be historic and there will be more battles ahead…

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