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North Korea Strikes Again! Look What They Did NOW!


Tensions are always high between North Korea and the rest of the world. It would not be that way if they weren’t a despotic dictatorship. They always feel the need to flex their muscles. And by muscles we mean missiles. Which is why they are often sanctioned by the United Nations. They are back at it again.

The country sitting right next to China has launched an unidentified type of projectile. The South Korean Yonhal news agency reported it. They reported it was sent at 22:55 GMT. It flew east across the Sea of Japan. BBC journalists report that they were ballistic missiles.

It left from the Banghyon air base in the North Pyongang province. This is the first test or attack they have made since President Trump has taken office. Who knows whether they are trying to test the waters and see who our President is really made of.

New Secretary of Defense James Mattis visited South Korea just last week. He was their in the capacity of reaffirming the plan to construct a missile defense system in their country in the latter part of this year.  Attis made sure to note that America would strike with an iron fist should North Korea attempt to test us.

Just last month North Korea said they were close to testing a long range, intercontinental ballistic missile. Because of their missile testing they have been routinely sanctioned for the past eleven years. They have become even more ardent and strict since last years large nuclear device test.

They have threatened they have the nuclear capability of wiping America off the map. But many experts have not confirmed it and question the veracity of the claim. A Pentagon correspondent spoke to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and said that discussions with defense officials have led to concerns over our adversaries aggression.

With Donald Trump in the White House this type of attack and flagrant breaking of international laws and customs will not go unnoticed. He will defend us like never before and ensure they are dually punished for their crimes against humanity and the United States of America.


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