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New Yorkers Turn on Little Crying Chuckie Schumer: Classic! [VIDEO]


Thousands of snowflakes gathered outside Senator Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment building to let them know they think he’s a wimp.  According to the snowflakes cheesy Chuck isn’t being tough enough on Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.

“Senator Schumer needs to know were watching him.  He works for us.  We need him to be bold.  We need him to stand up to Trump and opposes picks.”  That was Brad Wolchansky, a 40-year-old soccer coach from Flatbush who is not happy.  Neither were the other 3,000 people who showed up to march to Schumer’s building.

They were chanting slogans and obviously doing everything they could to make life miserable for New Yorkers.  I’m pretty sure that the other residents of Schumer’s building are at least as progressive as Schumer is but I suspect they don’t like having 3000 people gather outside their home screaming and yelling.

The snowflakes melted down because Schumer voted “yes” on three Trump cabinet choices, General James Mattis, General John Kelly, and Mike Pompeo at CIA.

Some of the demonstrators pointed to Schumer’s tearful breakdown a recent news conference talking about Trump’s mirroring of Barack Obama’s immigration ban.  Note that Schumer nor any of the protesters batting an eyelash when Barack Obama shut down immigration from Iraq.  Shut down immigration from seven Muslim countries that foster terrorism, and the snowflakes are losing their minds.

“His tears know what’s right.  It takes a real man to cry and lead.”  That bit of wisdom came from a 38-year-old Brooklyn mother of three; I certainly hope she doesn’t have sons.

Four of New York’s five boroughs, like California, are not part of America.  Chuck Schumer’s own words attest to that, “Our values are what matter to us.  These cabinet nominees almost to a person, many of them, certainly the big eight, are against our values.”

In other words, Schumer’s values align better with Mexico or Iran – they’re not happy with Trump’s cabinet picks either – then they do with America.  I would suggest New York City take a hard look at California and join them in a secession movement.


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