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Nancy Pelosi Makes a Fool of Herself, While Bashing Michael Flynn! [Video]


You really have to love it when the far-left lunatic nutjobs, like Nancy Pelosi, make a fool of themselves…especially when they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Pelosi tried to bash Trump’s Security Advisor, Michael Flynn after he recently resigned. Pelosi quoted ‘fake news’ from a fake Twitter account.  It looks like that Botox is going to her brain.

It was like the blind leading the blind. House Minority Leader Pelosi thought she had set the perfect stage for ratting out the Republicans for doing wrong. She wasn’t alone. Her liberal side-kick, Rep. Elijah Cummings jumped on the same bandwagon of ‘fake’ tweets. Clueless idiots.


H/T I Have The Truth:

At a Tuesday press conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fell victim to fake news. As she tried to bash Flynn and President Trump, Pelosi referenced two tweets from a Twitter account attributed to @GenMikeFlynn. There’s only one problem. That account is a parody account and not associated with the real Mike Flynn.

The first clue for these nutjobs should have been the Twitter handle:

Feb 14

While I accept full responsibility for my actions, I feel it is unfair that I have been made the sole scapegoat for what happened. (1/2)

But if a scapegoat is what’s needed for this Administration to continue to take this great nation forward, I am proud to do my duty.

These were the two tweets from a FAKE Michael Flynn Twitter account.

Pelosi saw the tweets as an opportunity to really go on the attack against Flynn and Trump. She, of course, got up on her erroneous high horse thinking she had the perfect opportunity to use the “scapegoat” comment as a way to go after more of Trump’s administration as guilty of something. Pelosi, waving her hands for emphasis, launched into an explanation on what a scapegoat is, no doubt thinking it would make her point (her fake news point) more impactful.

Do you know what a scapegoat is? That means in a community where people want to absolve themselves of guilt, they get a goat and they heap all of the ills onto the goat and then they run the goat out of town.”

So the inference to be drawn from his statement is that other people have blame that should be shared in all of this.”

The New York Times mistakenly published these fake tweets in an article, before checking to see if they were real. I guess no one checks facts or sources anymore. Sometimes I feel like we are being led by Keystone Cops in the media and in politics. The parody account has now been suspended on Twitter. It must have ticked off too many liberals.

Here’s some responses on Twitter including one from one of my favorites, the REAL James Woods:

Pelosi, Cummings, New York Times fall victim to fake Twitter account ///

Spec5/E5/Over5 Ace Retweeted James Woods

The site PLAINLY says: “NOT MICHAEL FLYNN ” Guess they just had to read it–to not know what was in it..

Why does that not surprise me. we must shut these folks down. Clean them out of DC jobs ASAP.

4h4 hours ago

they had to say the words to find out what was in them?

 hmm twitter acct has been suspended.

Yes! It was a fake Twitter account. Obviously they should have READ it before they passed it to the press…but Pelosi and Cummings were just looking to be in the spotlight, just like with Obamacare.

The bad news is Nancy Pelosi is still in office after 29 years! It is WAY past her time to leave office. She was recently quoted at a press conference as saying “she couldn’t work with Bush“….that’s right she doesn’t have a clue that the current President is TRUMP! That Botox is really affecting her brain.

The good news on the horizon is that Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is cosponsoring a bill with Sen. Ted Cruz to include TERM LIMITS in Congress so we can get rid of some of these career politicians and nutjobs like Nancy Pelosi!




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