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Mike Pence Just Revealed What George Bush Gave Him at the Super Bowl: WOW [VIDEO]


Vice President Mike Pence has a role model in his new job, and that role model is none other than George H.W. Bush who served as Ronald Reagan’s vice president during the tumultuous 80’s.

Vice President Pence had the opportunity in Houston during the Super Bowl to spend some time with the former vice president, and it held special meaning for Pence.

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Pence was interviewed on Monday by Brian Kilmeade on his Fox News radio program and here’s what he had to say about being with former President George HW Bush:

“It really speaks about the strength of that man. We all know him as a president, he was a vice president, he was served in many different positions within the government, but he started out in uniform. People that know the story of George Herbert Walker Bush know that he was an aviator. He was actually shot down over Chichijima, so people that know his whole history know he is a man of great personal strength, so we’re not at all surprised to see him back out here flipping the coin just a few weeks after being in the hospital.”

The vice president was pleased to share that Bush 41 gave him a personal note when they got together.  The context of the note is very important given all the harsh words aimed at Donald Trump during the campaign by the Bush family.

“I just got a very nice, warm personal note from President Bush encouraging me and a good word of encouragement for the president, and we just couldn’t be more grateful for that. But the privilege of our little family being able to spend time with the 41st president at the Super Bowl and with these American heroes is really hard to describe.”

Those words of encouragement are important because as Vice President Pence told CNN just before the inauguration, “The reason why I think about vice president Bush is because then as now, I believe, there was a transformational leader coming to bring real change to Washington, DC.  I’ll be thinking about the privilege I have to stand next to another change agent as president.”

Vice President Pence is bringing an impressive political resume to support President Trump and help make the Trump administration the change agent we all hope it will be.  If he can accomplish that, you can expect that in 2024 Mike Pence will be leading the Republican ticket and will be inaugurated as President Mike Pence in 2025.  I’m also sure he learned another important lesson from former President George HW Bush – don’t lie to the base – and he’ll be inaugurated again in 2029.

Making America Great Again – four terms at a time.


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