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You May Have Unknowingly Supported Planned Parenthood…


Looking for tasty food at affordable prices? Look no further than Chili’s, it’s usually a good choice…right? BUT, for those of you with a conscience, if you want good food at affordable prices somewhere that doesn’t donate to Planned Parenthood, try Applebee’s or TGIFriday’s. Or, for my fellow non-cooking friends, try that gross, sad, frozen, TV dinner you bought that one time because you felt low…Seriously, though, did someone at Chili actually think this was a good idea? Hint to the Chili’s management…IT’S NOT! You see, earlier this week, the Planned Parenthood abortion business affiliate in Indiana and Kentucky posted a promotional code to their supporters, so they could use it to request that Chili’s donate 15% of the pre-tax meal purchase to benefit the abortion corporation.


According to the image the abortion company posted, its supporters can bring the voucher to any of the identified Chili’s locations participating in the give back program. The voucher is good weather people purchasing food at Chili’s dine in the restaurant or order food to go. According to the voucher, Chili’s will donate to Planned Parenthood 15% of the meal purchase between now and the end of March.

To be fair and charitable, restaurants do things like this all the time. A lot of times with schools, if you eat somewhere on a certain day, money will go to the school. That said… are you people f***ing kidding me? Planned Parenthood (see Live Action Exposes Planned Parenthood’s LIES About Prenatal Care and Planned Parenthood ‘3% of Services are Abortion’ a Total Lie…)?

Okay, so here’s the problem I have with any company donating to an abortion provider, from a strictly business perspective: why would you donate some of your profits to a company which profits off of killing potential customers? Yes, I know, that’s a callous way to look at this, but stick with me for a second. You’re a business man or a business woman. Your main goal is to raise your bottom line. Money. You’re trying to make as much as you can. Which means you need people to buy your product. The more people there are to buy your product, the better, yes? So why give money to an entity which kills future consumers?


PLEASE, get back to me with that answer, I truly want to know. But, hey, in the meantime, I’ll get my steak from Outback.


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